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Emerging Technologies

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Emerging technologies refer to the advancements and innovations that are taking place around us. There are various fields where the development is undergoing. Emerging technologies are always very effective to make a productive and optimal use of our resources. Emergence of new technologies is dependent on the entrepreneurs that refer to a mind set of innovations and unique processing of things to facilitate the human with ease and to resolve their problems in more effective ways.

Emerging technologies are coming from the existing technologies and from the distinct fields. Our research organizations and universities are always in a search of most feasible and optimal solutions and their experiments and theories give birth to new technologies. Emerging technologies are considered to be the critical for humanity’s future. Typically, emerging technologies are offering hope for the betterment of our social conditions. There are a number of debates over the emerging technologies as these are always the affective entities for the societies. These theories are focusing on the different prospective of the impacts of the emerging technologies for the human life and may have come from the different schools of thoughts.

Publications and research papers are always very important and all the innovations and technologies based on these researches. These are produced to discuss the most appropriate ways of using the resources.

Today, most popular emerging technologies are Nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology and cognitive science. There are also a lot of development is undergoing in the medical science. GNR concept is also one of the most popular terms that focus on the Genetics, nanotechnology and Robotics.


The study of nanotechnology refers to the study of manipulating matter on atomic and molecular scale. This is used to develop materials, devices and other structures processing on at least on dimension of size between 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanotechnology is a diverse ranging from the extensions of device physics to completely new approaches on molecular self assembly. It may include surface science, organic chemistry, semiconductor physics, molecular biology and micro fabrication etc. nanotechnology may be able to create many new materials and devices with a range of applications like medicine, electronic energy production and biomaterials.


Biotech is a field of applied biology that may involve the use of living organisms and bioprocesses in the engineering and medicine science. Modern use of biotech includes genetic engineering as well as tissue culture technology.

Cognitive science:

Cognitive science is the scientific study of mind and its process. It assesses what the cognition is and how it works. It also includes research on the intelligence and behavior. The special emphases of the cognitive science are on the nervous system including human and animal. The research is done on the information processing, representation of information, memory and perception. It works in the disciplines of psychology, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, education, and anthropology.

Information Technology:

Information technology is the development of technology to treat the information. It includes the transmission of the data from source to destination with effectiveness and efficiency. It is concerned with the storage of vocal, pictorial, textual and numeric information by micro technology based computing and telecommunications.

Buy custom Emerging Technologies essay

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