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Microsoft Access Security and Navigation

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Database security is very important in database management systems. Unnecessary and unauthorized access of a confidential database may lead to the loss of very important information, unnecessary modification of data, theft, deletion and other malicious practices. The cost of losing data and the rising unauthorized access necessitate the need for more security now than ever.

In an effort to enhance security of the data, various options have been provided by the database management systems. For Microsoft Access databases the options are inclusive of encryption, using a customer interface, setting up a database password, specifying user level security, setting up a module password, using the MDE format, setting up user and group accounts and assigning those privileges and specifying. User level security is a very powerful tool since it allows for the definition of data that one can access. Workgroup accounts security control gives good performance in a network environment. Using MDE format ensures that the modules and source codes are not readily available to the users.

Creating navigation menus allows users to easily interact with the system. This allows them to have access to data with the most convenient speeds and commands. In Microsoft Access the types of navigation menus that can be created include the rollover menu, drop down menu, image background menus, icon menus, links, scroll bars, navigation buttons and record selectors.

In designing the menus, there are a lot that need to be taken into consideration. First is the need to consider the users view of the menu. The menu should be able to satisfy the user requirements to a great deal rather that confusing him or her. Secondly, the menu names should reflect the kind of job they do or the part of the database system to be visited. The rollover menus are very good at showing the user his or her current position in the form. The menu should be in a standard format that a user easily recognizes. 

Buy custom Microsoft Access Security and Navigation essay

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