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Research Design

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There are a number of diverse theoretical orientations or viewpoint within qualitative research, so there are also a number of dissimilar strategies available for the study of qualitative data. Theoretical perspective in a research preparation of qualitative research forms a grounded platform for final data and research work to be informatively produced. Theoretical aspect would involve making relevant assumptions for the research plan and ensuring that appropriate data gathering is done to help in production of the research work. Qualitative researchers are alarmed with making sure they incarcerate perspectives accurately. Some researchers who use film show the completed tapes to the contestants in order to check their own understanding with those of the informants. Theoretical lens symbolize one of the major decision a qualitative research requires in other top produce a good work. Theoretical perspective would guide in research plan, quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods approaches.

 Variables may be regarded as an attribute at we wish to examine. A causal modelportraying the causal or logical bridges between program activities and predictable outputs, outcomes and affect the research proposal would provide a visual observation of the qualitative proposal. The system of concepts, beliefs, assumptions, and theories supports and informs research work. It explains the key things to be studies and the supposed relationships among them. The variable for the qualitative suggestion would include research relationship, site assortment and sampling decisions, data gathering methods and validity. Further, the model would encompass discipline-based journalism theory, prior studies that address the topic or closely related cases, rainbow questions that bridges the independent and dependent variable, and finally script out the theory sections.

 Empirical theory requires a reciprocal relationship between theory and data. Data have to generate propositions in a dialectical approach that allows use of priori theoretical framework, however set up priority not to overburden a framework. An example of a journal article that portrays this is the study of Padilla, Pavel and Murguia in 1991; about the integration of twenty four Native American and Hispanic students social system of a campus life style. The students were curious about the ethnicity influence in social integration, and they started by associating the participants’ encounters to a theoretical model known as the Tinto model of social integration. This is an article with priori theoretical framework and qualitative research approach. The theory emerges at the end of study and presented as logic diagram with a visual representation of associations among concepts. The descriptive aspect is represented when the student’s backgrounds are brought in picture.

 A mixed method research theory uses a theoretical perspective or lens to guide the research study. Procedures involve in using a theoretical perspective to study ethnicity, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation and ot6her diversities. The article that portrays this was Caracelli andGreene in 1997 who mentioned a transformative design as a kind of mixed methods research. In 2003, Plano Clark, Creswell, Hanson and Gutmann identified use of theoretical lens such as feminist perspectives, gendered; ethnic, racial, cultural perspectives, lifestyle perspectives. In Addition, Mertens advocates for the essential of a theoretical perspective in mixed methods according to Box7.1. She emphasized the purpose that values play is analyzing ethnic/racial, feminist and disability cases. She identified the implication of transformative theories according to mixed methods research. Involving all the transformative methodology into the entire phases of research process has been applied by recent researchers to entice their work.


The mixed methods approaches plus qualitative and quantitative are the methodologies used by researchers to produce good work. The processes are very effective when they are used accordingly and purposefully for a particular research work.

Buy custom Research Design essay

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