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Hotel Industries

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Hotel industries are among the private sectors which thrive during global recessions. A complete hotel industry includes hotels, restaurants, resorts, and pubs. Hotel industry is growing very fast at the global level.  Thus, for hotels such as the Hill to achieve its vision, there is a need for better management principles which would enhance service delivery. Co-operation in the work place among the staff members presents a good image to the customers. Each of them has to take the overall responsibility in managing both the cost and revenue elements of a company’s income statement commonly referred to as profit and loss responsibility.

In Mills Hotels Leisure Center, the executive manager, who is also the General Manager, is the one who is responsible for the overall operation of a hotel. The manager holds ultimate power over the hotel operations. Common duties of a General Manager include hiring and management of a management team, overall management of hotel staff and financial management, creating and enforcing business visions and missions, managing projects, management of emergencies and other major issues such as, public relations including other additional duties.

One of the reasons why the case study failed to succeed was due to the attitude that the operations manager had towards her work. We are told that, “Penny Frobisher hates the first Monday in the month. That is the day of the monthly management meeting and the day on which the accountant goes through the previous months trading accounts. Penny hates the monthly accounts. Mainly she hates them because she doesn’t understand them. After all as operations manager of the hotel and restaurant she is supposed to run the business and make sure it meets the targets set by Ahmed Moshan, the marketing manager. She is also supposed to do this within the budgets set by the (new) management accountant, Mark Ainsley”.

There is no way this business with an operational manager having such altitude would succeed.  "Is there enough value in having such an operational manager? I think there is enough evidence that Penny, the operational manager was very ignorant in whatever was happening in the business. She was only interested in fulfilling what her marketing and accountant manager were up to. Though she was very hand working there is no way that the business would succeed with her pride. She was after promotion and therefore worked in every department in order to appear a hand working lady and get a promotion. Therefore, it is very clear that her promotion would lead to lack of fulfillment of the case study since there was no good management of the accounts. We are told that “no-one has ever explained the accounts to her and how her efforts affect them, so she hates the accounts and she hates the first Monday in the month”.

Though the idea to sell ‘hen weekends’ to the brides was very much successful at first there was lack of facilities for more ‘spa oriented’ that brought a lot of disappointment and therefore it was definite that the case study would not be fulfilled.

Though Rosemary decided to suggest to her working mates the extension of facilities to involve a beauty room as well as a spa, she made this effort there was no way the idea would be adopted so as to fulfill the case study .The company also made a mistake asking for a lot of funds from the bank to improve the programme of the capital building .The huge amount of money borrowed would not allow the company to fulfill the case study. This was quite a lot of money that would not give the business a chance to raise enough capital in order to fulfill the case study.

The presence of the External effects such as ‘foot and mouth’ effect on the lodge as it is in a local area and trade of holiday is influenced by these typical incidents but the one who owned had not expected anything but great future success that was based on their very first few years in commerce. This big problem together the problem between managers could never allow the case3 to succeed. Ahmed had ever complained that their business could not tolerate with his initiatives for marketing and Penny’s team had problems to cope with the current range of customer anticipations that the diversifying business comes up with. We are also told that the hotel lacked qualified accountant – bookkeeping and other related administrative records were done by people who were not professionals on that area - a trained bookkeeper, Charlotte Evans with some help from one of the office staff. There is no way there would be success with such organization of the employees.

Mark’s arrival has been come up with mixed feelings. There were fears that he would simply raise the amount of paperwork that was needed, and generated,  and this shows how much workers would not work well leading to lack of fulfillment of case study .The concern that he was up to begin to set limits to the employee on what his team could and could not do, so reducing their independence. As it always happen, the success of the hotel was therefore under great threat. Though this, the fears have not been noted although the management meeting expected failure of the case study (based on figures that went round to all managers during that period of time). The rejection by Penny that she is not the only one person who had less idea of what the figures really meant could not take the company far. The fact that Penny was only interested in promotion was also a cause of failure of case study. We are told that she felt sure that as far as the rooms is full she will be in a big position to become developed to general manager in time.

At the last management meeting there was a bit of a bombshell. The bank has asked for a thorough review of the company’s trading activities before it can sanction any further support for the overdraft activity. It is concerned that the overdraft has been increasing steadily over the last few years and, despite the company’s increased sales, the bank manager wants reassurance that the company is not out of control. The immediate response from several members of the team is that this is unwarranted interference in the running of the business but Rosemary has taken a view that this is a positive opportunity for them to look at what they are doing and see if there is a better way of working. She has asked Penny, Ahmed and Mark to form a business review team to go through all aspects of the company’s operation to reassure the bank. Penny’s heart sank. That meant she would have to admit that she really doesn’t understand the monthly accounts, however she thinks she is not alone.

The Mill’s company needs to increase its leisure activities as this has now become the biggest request by the customers. Therefore there is need for the company to install facilities countrywide within the UK to reach out to their customers. Strategies to satisfy the customer demand needs to be incorporated by developing leisure centers, coffee shops, full gyms and indoor swimming pools, Jacuzzi and steam rooms. The leisure centers would be designed to share the reception area within the hotel. The operation of the leisure centers will be open to all its residents and the center members with their guests.


One of the reasons why the case study failed to respond was due to presence of unqualified employees in that business. Book keeping and record keeping was done by personnel’s who were not qualified and that definitely brought the failure of response of the case study. Businesses should also take caution to avoid employees that are proud-if the operating director was not proud, the business would obviously have a smooth running.


The hotel did not respond to case study after the duration of the four years due to problems in management. The operating manger was not destined to achievement of goals of the company. She was only interested in her promotion in the job. Businesses should therefore take caution of such employees.

Buy custom Hotel Industries essay

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