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Big and eye-catching billboards are placed in places where many people can view them. Their colors and beautiful pictures cannot allow one to get his eyes off them. Attractive posters are placed mostly along the footpaths. Big screens that display different products were located in bigger and major towns. Beautiful posters are located in the campuses. Other types included radio and televisions advertisement (Clow & Baack, 2007). They are full of humorous language. The use of colorful packages is common in many products such as wearing of specific type of clothing like wearing like father x-mass when selling children products. Facebook consists of funny and at the same time irritating advertising articles.

Ads chart

Magazine: Vogue



Type of ad appeal


Eye catching

Brand Appeal


Need to drink

Adventure Appeal


Attraction to the brand

Snob Appeal

MTV Music awards


Music appeal



Youth Appeal



Humor Appeal


The use of different methods of advertisement has different impact on the viewer. This advertising agent plans their advertisement with a lot of emphasis. By the use of places, they use different tactics to convey their message. They first see the interest group of a specific product. They then think of how and where to get them. For example, if they want to advertise about a certain celebrity who is coming, they first think of the interest group.. An example of this type of ad is the MTV music award ad (Clow & Baack, 2007). Then they have to see where to get them easily. Such advertisement will be found at higher learning institutions, best youth television stations and even in radio stations. They tend to follow their interest group.

Another way of getting the people’s attention is by disguising themselves in some funny looking cloths. This mode of clothing each wearing air filled cloths will attract the attention of children. They will then be able to sell them their products. This only applies to kids and the youths. An example is the Tommy Hilfiger ad. The method of giving free sample to potential clients is one of the best and very risky. One day when I was walking along the city, a company was creating awareness about a certain food staff (Bhatia, 2000). They prepared food right there and we were invited to have a test. I tell you, it was delicious and  I spent only  a few dollars to purchase that product. That method is the best when advertising products of a high quality. It has a very high risk of getting a negative publicity.  The Coca-Cola ad applies the same strategy. This can happen if the people they gave free samples do not like the taste or the way the product work. This people will never buy the same product again and will spread negative publicity to the product.  In addition, if a company is launching a product like a washing soap in the presence of media and bring a practical sample to use, in case after making the material dirty, the soap fails to remove all the dirt as it was said, that will bring bad name about the company (Clow & Baack, 2007).

The use of television and radio is rather appealing to people of different age. If they want to appeal to youths, they will use other popular youths and advertise  If a television advertisement is done in the right way, it appeals to many people since many people can see it at the same time (Bhatia, 2000).  As for me, the best method to advertise is giving free samples.. The use of television and radios also worked on me since I am a big fun of television and radio programs. Nevertheless, putting an advertisement in the middle of a good television show can be so annoying at times. The method that least works is the use of print media. Not many people get access to print media and even though they have the access they lack time to read. (Bhatia, 2000). 

Buy custom Advertisement Journal essay

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