Custom «The Media in Schools» Essay Paper

Custom «The Media in Schools» Essay Paper

Our preliminary research showed that the effectiveness of the advertisements made on television and radio depends on the tone and appearance of the presenter. In support I will only tell that through proper tonal expression the company can save up to 30% of its commercial expenses. Moreover, through proper tonal variation, it is possible to meet the market expectations in the first 2 weeks of advertising. It was proved that the fact of the audience being attracted or distracted is formed by the instant impression they develop within the first minute when a presenter appears on a stage. On the other hand, the tone the presenter uses within the first minute also affects the quality of concentration of the target group. People tend to forget most of the information they have heard, but remember how confidently the presenter looked and talked.The level of a good voice variation states the level of confidence in the presenter. As it was discovered, the presenter is expected to avoid any form of non verbal cues that may interrupt the perfect delivery of the news. As well, they should make the proper tonal and voice checks before any announcement with the help of the floor manager and the sound personnel.

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What is vital is that the media schools ought to introduce stern measures to attain the perfect results in presenting and advertising. Additionally, the presenter should not use many gestures in order to seem natural, and maintain a poise even during the stressing moments. The broadcasters are expected to be very cautious with their outward appearance. Next, the clothing should be carefully chosen as the presenter should be comfortably dressed to feel relaxed to give a positive impression on the audience watching through the camera. Other results showed, when the presenters were not comfortable with their own appearance, their confidence failed. As a result, the advertisements did not bring the desired results.

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