Custom «Henrik Ibsen’s Doll’s House» Essay Paper

Custom «Henrik Ibsen’s Doll’s House» Essay Paper

The purpose of this paper in relation to both the traditional marriage setting and the modern setting of marriage in our society is to expose the radical changes that have been seen in the recent past. A doll’s house is a three-act play novel that was very successful during It’s time, which went ahead to get recognition in many parts of the world. This book was written By a Norwegian author who was called Henrik lbsen. Who seemed to have expounded greatly on the issue of marriage in the society. At such a time when many people still held strong

Traditional beliefs about the role of a man and a wife in the marriage setting, Henkins books

Seemed to trend on dangerous grounds which made his book generate so much controversy as Well as admirations. The book generally revolved around a girl that was called Nora and his

Husband Helmer who represented a typical family in the late 19th century society and how

People regard the institution of the marriage. (Ibsen, 1925)

Thesis Statement

In Henrik doll’s house though it was the responsibility of both the woman and the man

To bring up their children on the way they should go, traditionally many still held the notion that

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It was supposed to be the woman’s role to perform the child bearing in order to help her children

Grow into responsible members in the society.

There Should be Moral Values in Marriages

As stated in the henrik’s play of a doll’s house, the main protagonist in the play was a girl name Nora; she is married to a very successful man called Helmer. He is what many would call a Modern father. He ensures that he provide for his family and ensure they never lack a single Thing. The two have children and in the early stage of the play what a lovely little family do they

Make. On the other hand Nora is that moral, simple and naive lady that is seen playing Submissive and eager to please her man. (Fisher, 2003) The author seems at portray not just the way women are supposed to treat their husband but exposes how many marriages during that time were based. Women were supposed to respect their husbands and hold treat them as kings. The fact that man is the head of the home has been a notion that has been passed one throughout very many generations. The play only seeks to highlight on it to show how important it is to the development of any given marriages.

Also in the play Nora and Helmer tried to ensure that they have nurtured their children in the Right way they should grow and instill in them the right moral values that they have trained them to have. This is a parental responsibility and the two throughout the play are seen to have performed it quite well. Therefore according to Henrik’s play it was very important that a parent should lead by example so that their children could grow up in the right manner.

There are also the Issues of Responsibility which must be there for the Family to function well

Accoring to Henrik play a doll house both Helmer is seen as a very responsible man in that he is able to provide for his family ensuring that they don’t lack a single thing. This is a very Important trait in any given family today, more so like it was in many families back then in the

19th century. (Siddall, 2008) The two had three children that they made sure they have raised in the right

Ways. Though at a later time in the play Helmer fell ill and wasn’t in a position to provide for his

Family, Nora needed to take the responsibility and stand up for her family. This can be termed as one place in the play where the authors seem to encourage women to be independent and stand for their families. However, Nora committed some few crimes in forging a signature and even

Borrowing money without telling her husband all these he had done so that he many help

Both her husband who at the time was ill and look after her family. The author here must have

Trodden on a subject that made him accumulate both admiration and distastes by bring 

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Awareness that women too could rise above beliefs and set rule that the society had placed on them. For example during those times a women wasn’t supposed to work, her role was to look

After the children and it was the role of the man to act as the breadwinner of the home. Here

The author must have startled the norm in the society.

What are the Reasons that make People get married?

Marriage has been and still is a sacred institution which has been in practice for long. It was highly respected and held high among many people in the 19th Century around the time Henrik was writing this play, people were still getting married and families were still being made. Just as it is depicted in the doll’s house story based on Christine who was one of the character in the book says that she married her husband since she didn’t have the mean to support her sick mother and her young siblings. From this context one can be brought to think that most people will tend to get married to escape from given responsibility they are required to perform. Since society dictates that when a women is married it will be the responsibility of the man to look and take care of them, many women will gladly go for the ideal in order to have their materials needs met. Again the author has revealed in the play that people will also tend to get married to get way from their loneliness. Which can really have a negative impact on a person if it is left to go on for long? Emotional support can also be a good reason why people get married and lastly to raise a family is a great reason why any people would want to be married.

In relation to the play why people got married

According to the henrik play which tends to focus on the marriages of Nora and her husband Helmer, they married seemed to have been well at the beginning until, when Nora decide to do the unthinkable so that she can help her family. First she borrowed money without telling her Husband and two shhe forged a signature so that she can have enough money to save her Husband. People in those days tend to get married so that they can fulfill their financial needs. Helmer was a banker and very successful during that time. At the very beginning of the play they can be seen after they have returned from their Christmas shopping, again this can also be expounded of Nora’s friend Christine who puts it very plainly by say she only got married to her husband so that she can support her sick mother and young siblings. The issue of materialist needs is well bought out in the play. This is one of the many reasons that made people get married in the play. Another reason that could have led people to get married could be the need to have a family. These are some of the few things that the author has highlighted on based on the play.

How Helmer was seen to treat her wife

Helmer is a great father when it comes in providing for his family and ensuring that his children are well taken care of. He loves his wife Nora which is why at some point they are seen coming from a Christmas shopping. However he treats her wife as a plaything occasionally when passion gets the better part of him he will act like a man possessed and indulge in her wife with deep passion. For instance there is a timer the two attending a party and Helmer is highly excited when he sees his wife dance before him. Through this, it can be confirmed that he used to treat her wife life a sexual-object to satisfy his sexual needs. He can also be termed as violent in addition, explosive. (Siddall, 2008) This can be brought to light at the time he found out the truth about the crimes her wife had committed his reaction was very inconsiderate. He also says harsh word to her wife and this is hurting to Nora. Helmer can also be said to be judgmental since after realizing the truth he was seen to suggest that her wife was not fit to rise up their children. Further adding salt to the wound, he Taunts saying their marriage from hence forth will only be a marriage to be seen and nothing more beside that. At no point there is Helmer seen to be treating his wife life a man is supposed to.  Even when one member in then marriage commits a wrong, it should be the responsibility of both in working through their disagreement so that they can arrive at good solution. Without this being there that marriage will always be filled with problems

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The doll’s house play can be termed as the most popular piece of literary works that was well received during its time. What made the novel so unique and special is the fact that it centered on the marriage of Nora who was the protagonist and her husband Helmer. Their marriage was based on wealth, selfishness and pride in relation to how the people viewed them. Much the same as was in the society back then, people cared how others perceive their marriage. That’s why they could do everything in their power to appear like all was well and good, yet the truth of the matter their marriages were in problems. In the end Henrik play is said to have sparked the desire among women to be independent and no longer have to depend on their men for provision. No wonder around that time when the book was being launched many women rights movement were said to have been started in many part of the world.

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