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A Doll’s House

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The doll house is a play that focuses on the sacrificial role of women in the society. In addition, the play illustrates the deception of appearances as well as the parental and filial obligations as the major themes. In the play, Nora, the main character and she plays the role of a woman who is living under the domination of a man. Nora strives to please her husband who does not consider her opinion as worthwhile. However, she is strong and determined and her will gives her the strength required towards the end when she decides to leave her husband. This brings us to queer theory that states that identities are not fixed and they should never determine who we are. In this case, Nora was defined as a woman who was weak and whose opinion did not matter. However, she reinvents herself and establishes her own identity as a strong wise woman who is not afraid to become independent. This is illustrated in the falling action of the movie where Nora realizes that her husband does not love her as a woman rather as someone he can control and manipulate, hence the title Doll house.

Homosexuality is also key aspects in the story. At the time, this concept was very unfamiliar territory in the society. However, Dr. Rank is ill and his disease seems to be form immorality but he does not let this bring him down.Just like in the society today, gender and sexual preferences should not dictate a person’s identity. Although Rank had inherited a terrible disease from his father, he is cheerful and not afraid to face death. This shows that people’s identity should not be fixed on public opinion, gender or sexuality. This is what Ibsen tries to bring out in the play; the fact that people tend to judge and identify other based on society norms and expectations rather that on their personality. 

Buy custom A Doll’s House essay

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