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A Chinese Poem To Pi Ssu Yao

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To Pi Ssu Yao is a Chinese poem. Well written to portray the plight of the poets. It is one of the many Chinese poems, which is just so good and well written. This one particularly reverberated with me; despite the fact that I do not figure out the title. I believe there are two issues going on throughout the poem. First, there is the whole poem artist not getting acknowledged for the contributions they give, you know, the cliché, stereotype also reality that artists have a tendency to die meager and leave their estate administrators to enjoy the riches. However, there is also the notion that knowledge is a type of procreation. We leave the matter for the generations there after. The poet gives us the reality of procreation that is dependant on generations. It is a kind of immortality, even after you pass on; the acquaintance that one has left will continue to be passed on generation after generation. This issue of life reality is quite evident in the poem that is being passed on to generation. It' has been passed down for more than ten centuries and currently every one of the six billion persons on the planet has a right to use to it. The poem is giving us the reality of life where those who work hard never gotten the right yield of their labor.
            Human acquaintance gets more complex since it is compounded; we find out everything the persons who came before us had acquainted with, and then we gain knowledge of something new in addition to that. In addition, it keeps building through the periods, and we as species recognize more and more with each succeeding generation. Writers get to know what came before by learning through reading, and in turn, they struggle to push their writing wherever writing has not gone before. In Patterns, we are awakened from quietness by a precise fanfare that for a fleeting second suggests too much accomplishment. Instead of ruptures of electrons, we hear dissimilarity on the opening display, in lush chromatic harmonies and changing moods. Curiously, the character is the poet and other poets suffering from the opening injustice, departing with an unsettling, disjointed, almost exhalation into a final trivial chord. The illusion is absolute. The arts have talent and people refer to them as the leading poets of our day. The translation of the poem stanza give us the agony poets fill when they work yield to them litter. Too bad, our homes are humble. The poets’ recognition is considered insignificant. Hungry, not well clothed, the lovers of their work treat them with contempt (Rexroth, 2011, pp1-2). This is a true picture of the world’s injustices where people are self centered and inconsiderate about others. In the prime of life, the poets’ faces are furrowed. However, this is a recap of the old saying that one’s meat is another’s poison. We are our own Audience. We appreciate Each other's literary Merits. This translation is a confirmation that the like-minded or victims are always concern about one other. The poems will be passed on along with great dead poets'. This is a poem written to give the plight of the poets and other talented artist. To Pi Ssu Yao is a well written poem that gives the injustice of the world; where majority are reaping where they never sowed.


To Pi Ssu Yao translation, give us the perspective of the writer and other artists in regards to their work. It is a poem giving the plight of the poets also continuity of their work for generations.

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