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Esta Noche

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“Esta Noche” is poetry that does inspire me emotionally in the sense it does bring out that character of the maid against the gays.  In the first instance it is emotionally shocking to have a maid amidst the gays and in gay club. What is likely to happen does leave me with sadness and uncertainty. In addition, “Esta Noche” does create anxiety to me generally. The fact driving this is the unpredictable environment that the presence of the club and the maid creates. This is the emotional effect that the work is able to create and inspiration of in me. 

            According to Dickinson (2010, Pp. 5), the author plays on literacy conventions by adopting specific ways of spelling words and the sense in which he arranges the words to invent sentences and their conjunction into longer texts.  This is depicted in the following excerpt;  “ . . . She tosses back her hair - risky gesture – and raises her arms like a widow in a blood tragedy,  all will and black lace, and lip-syncs "You and Me against the World". . (Osborne, Murdocca, & Brovelli, 2008. Pp. 14). To play against the literacy conventions used by the author I opt to shorten sentences; for example, "You and Me against the World" could instead be “us against the rest,” and make them more precise and achieve clarity of facts and details (Gregorie, 2008. Pp. 10). Substituting the words with synonyms is my option in literacy conventions used by the author.

            “Esta Noche” does create very positive impressions in me. I devour from the reading the sense of anxiety and mechanisms of handling it under some uncertain circumstances and create a relief. In addition, I derive from “Esta Noche” the extreme of undertaking unpredictable circumstances as I strive to achieve a goal or objective. The maid did not hesitate to take part despite the uncertainty surrounding her presence in the club. Thus, I too drew the sense of matching ahead with courage towards accomplishment of a mission. Further more, the reading has instilled me the need of attaining precision in all undertakings which was built on the fact that if a “drag queen`s wig becomes dislodged, she is undone “(Hooper, 2007, Pp.6). This has made me more careful in my doings. 

Buy custom Esta Noche essay

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