Custom «The Health Living» Essay Paper

Custom «The Health Living» Essay Paper

Many Flatbush residents have poor access to medical care and this is very vital to the prevention and maintaining of health living. Twenty nine thousand people report no current health care and forty nine thousand people do not have a personal doctor. This means that people are at risk of not receiving attention quickly in the event of an illness. This increases the risk of severity of illnesses. The Government policy and plan is required to facilitate this programme and ensure all citizens are covered by a medical insurance policy. This will also increase medical checkups and routine check-up increases health stability.

The public hospitals are in pathetic conditions and the bid to privatize them was legally blocked. If the public hospitals could be supported with adequate resources, this would probably improve the health conditions of the people of Flatbush. The United States Health care system is inefficient and in order to improve health care presence of an efficient health care system is a must. Providing public insurance and involving the Government in subsidizing the costs of insurance may increase the number of people who can access Medicaid. This will ensure increased access to health care and affordable insurance plan for many.

Poor leadership

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The federal Government of New York has an assumption that the health care system in place is adequate for the people of New York City state. This is where the health challenge emerges. Communities need to be looked at from individual perspectives. If any problems are to be noticed and acted upon by the federal department of health there must be distinction and individual community approach. The needs of Flatbush are very different from the needs of Bronx in Brooklyn. The poor Health care delivery system is not adequate for the population of New York. Different health needs overwhelm the facilities because of lack of proper planning (McGoy, 2004).

Poor environment

Living in a healthy environment contributes to the healthy being.  The conditions that the residents are living are not so god. It is clear that a good housing system and safe neighbourhood contributes to healthy living. Insecurity causes hospital admissions in resulting by accidents and crimes (Draper et al, 1980).  An environment that is surrounded by insecurity, overcrowding and no housing resources such as gymnasiums and supermarkets contribute to mushrooming of small businesses that d not observe hygiene. This factors bundled together are a main cause of unhealthy living. Health education is sensitive to all this factors.

Once the Government department focuses on improving the health of the residents it will involve all the stakeholders in ensuring the standards achieved do not get lost due to ignorance and stubbornness of certain individuals (Draper et al, 1980).  Thus it will involve the environment and ecology. This is because human ecology is synonymous with human health. The idea is to involve the people to live healthy lifestyles and be responsible. The residents of Flatbush consider insecurity and poverty as a factor that makes the environment not to be healthy. The water distribution systems may also be part of the contributing factor to the ill health of Flatbush residents (Ontario, 2006).

Policies on non- US Citizens

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The residents of Flatbush are mostly not United States Citizens. This is a challenge because they are not included in the health programmes that are in the country. They need more money in order to access these health care programmes. This is one form of a challenge that they face resulting to the development of negative behavioural health that leads to the contracting of sexually transmitted diseases. If the Government could introduce a plan that would include the non citizens it would really help solve the problem of lack of education on various health challenges (NYC health, 2003). This would be a great step to solving the high rates of health challenges involving the youths and sexually transmitted diseases.

The youths of Flatbush should be involved and enrolled to the health care programmes which advice the youths in regards to behavioural health and sexual health. The effect of   race and ethnicity has been on the toll for the minorities. The blacks receive less amount of care and a low quality of care for similar illnesses when compared to their white counterparts who are in the same income bracket and insurance coverage level. The double standards in providing health care have great consequences to the community of Flatbush. There is no effort to improve the health conditions in this community. The racial and ethnic disparities have contributed to the poor health status of the residents of Flatbush

Lack of financial input

The organizations that provide these services are few and not enough. There should be more funding for awareness and eeducation of the youths. This will attract more organizations to offer these services. Interest of the youths is also low in attending these awareness programmes. They view this programmes as a bother and to be very irrelevant to their livelihood. There should be motivation to the youths in making them understand the importance of these programmes. This is a sign that more effort on the Governments side to increase awareness and also educate the youths about these disease is the only way to curb the rise of these infections. More emphasis on education on the dangers of negative behavioural health will decrease the risks of the youths contracting even more complicated diseases resulting from pre marital sexual behaviours.

Negative behavioural health

Sexually transmitted diseases in Flatbush are on the rampant rise. The demographics stand at eight hundred and ninety one people for every ten thousand residents are infected by Chlamydia while two hundred and sixty eight individuals out of ten thousand are infected with Gonorrhoea. These rates are very high and the impacts can be devastating. The infections can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease in Women and infertility is also a possibility if left untreated. The Sexually Transmitted diseases increase the risks of contracting HIV. The youths are high on the list affected by Sexually Transmitted Infections. This is infections can be greatly reduced if the youths are given proper counselling and guidance regarding their sexuality

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It is in rare occasions that the centres reach out to the youths. The health care authorities wait for the youths to make right decisions to attend the training programmes and learn about their sexuality but instead the youths are focussed on exploring their sexuality. A quick response to the inflating rates of sexually transmitted infections should a priority. There seems no effort even after several community studies highlighted the danger looming in the community (DOH, 2010).

Insecurity and Povert

The security of the living areas is part of the community health. There was an increase in hospital admissions due to crimes and accidents.  Poverty levels have also contributed to lack of a healthy community. It is because of poverty that many residents have not acquired education and this hinders there perspective of reasoning towards community health. There are programmes that have been developed to face the immediate effects of stressors. 

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