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Personal Mission Statement

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Personal Mission Statement. “I am a God fearing and educated citizen of the US whose mission is to champion others to grow personally, professionally, emotionally, health wise and spiritually by using my compassion, my professional skills, my unique perspective, and my respect for others” .

This statement is only applicable at a personal level or to possible clients in need of help. It reminds me of what I have and what I can use to achieve what I hope for. It demonstrates the will to help others with what I possess for them to hit their targets. There are values of leadership in this statement like; service, respect and compassion. These values contribute to the choice of this mission statement.

Health is the most important necessity that humans need to survive. Healthcare is provided for and monitored by governments through insurance plans and is delivered in different systems. The general principle is the provision of quality healthcare at affordable costs. Only qualified practitioners are allowed to provide healthcare services through fee-for-service and managed systems.

In recent times, managed care has been approved due to its quality services at reduced costs. The satisfaction derived from this system has been rated higher than that of fee-for-service. However, the ultimate goal has remained despite the change in systems and the will to subscribe to a health plan is bestowed on the patient or his parents incase of a minor. This has led to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and saving of patients’ lives.

Buy custom Personal Mission Statement essay

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