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       A research proposal is aimed at convincing the reader or examiner/committee to believe that the topic is worthwhile to conduct further research on and develop the theme. Thus, the summary of your future research paper plays a significant role in moving on to the next stage of the research paper writing process, and it is important that it be done very well. You might now be  surfing the Internet and searching for a research proposal sample on which to base yours. There is excellent news for you, as you are now in just the right place. A research proposal sample is provided below.
       The example topic in this hypothetical proposal is the connection between lifestyle and health. 
A proposal will have a background section, through which you will convince your readers that it is a worthwhile topic of study. It will also explain why this research will benefit society in some way.  

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       This, for example, would be important because many people contend with an illness or are in some way living in a way that is not healthy. The research proposal will also contain an objective. This is the most important part of the paper, as it tells others what you think you will find and what the purpose of the study is. For this example, it would be something along the lines of “individuals who eat poorly have poorer health.”  The paper will also include a methodology section.  This is not easy to give an example of, as it is highly dependent on how you wish to do your study. There are many methods from which to choose and it is important to select the one that best fits your study. Every research proposal will have a summary section, which is your “last chance” to convince the readers that the issue is important.

        The previous research proposal sample and short overview should at least give you a general idea of  a research proposals overall content and structure. For further information it is recommended that you speak to a professor or to your individual examiner.  How else might you find a good research proposal sample? You can find one, often for a fee, on databases. You can find them at your college or university library. You can also download them from various academic websites. Of course, you can place an order for a custom research paper proposal through a service.

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       Any of the above approaches can bring you results and get you the research proposal sample, but only the last will guarantee that a research proposal example answer all your potential problems and enquiries. As the proposal will be based on your requirements and requests, it will be an excellent piece of work for your needs and will get you the score you desire.  

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