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       Research paper templates are being used from the middle school level. This is the proven method to make students follow a given guideline. Students who are able to follow a given template by their teacher are able to get good grades as they are able to follow the instructions and guidelines as per the file format provided by their teachers. Research paper templatesgive the basic outline and document structure. This is a kind of skeleton in which the work of placing the meat, arteries and muscles are in the hand of an individual who is using the template for research paper. These templates for a particular kind of writing assignment do not vary much. It may become more complicated and advanced with passage of time.

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       Research paper templates have the same basics such as introduction, body part, conclusion and reference. Some research paper templatesmay also include front page known as title page, table of contents, abstract, appendix and bibliography. A professor may outline his requirements at the time of giving an assignment. He may ask to retain certain structures and omit certain others depending upon the requirement of the research paper.

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       Generally, the introduction is given in one paragraph. It will consist of background information on the given topic and the term of references given by the guide. The thesis is also stated here. The thesis may be stated in one sentence. It may be given in the beginning or at the end of the introductory paragraph.

       The body part is of 3 to 5 paragraphs. The body part contains points, arguments, example, sources and information to validate the thesis. Each paragraph is attributed to one point containing new information. Each point and each paragraph of the body part should look to be related to each other and to the topic under research.

       Research paper templates have a concluding section where the learner summaries his report or reach an approval point for his idea or view. The conclusion also contains the opinion or view of the learner.

       Research paper templates are different from that of template meant for presenting dissertation. A dissertation has a larger body. It requires some additional sections namely, acknowledgement, methodology etc. However both the dissertation templates and research paper templates serve the purpose of systematic presentation very nicely.

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