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       Comparative essay is an integral part of essay writing assignment in colleges. In fact, the activities and standard of life is based on comparison. Therefore, institute feels it imperative that students know the skill of comparison. What can be a better way than expanding knowledge and writing a comparative essay?

       A comparative essay makes distinction between any two matters, items, concepts or topics.  The number of items to be included in a comparative essay is decided by the teacher and is enumerated in the assignment.  In the simplest way, comparative essaydiscusses as to how two or more items are similar or dissimilar.

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       Comparative essay are popular among students because of its simplicity and easy to find sources for information. The structuring of such essays is similar to any other essay. The entire essay is divided into three sections. The first is the introduction, the second is the body text and the third is the conclusion part.


       The introduction will define your thesis such as what items you have selected for the essay; what basic differences or similarities you are going to argue. The body part shall be divided into number of paragraphs depending upon how many points you are going to discuss. You must give factual information to prove your point in each of the paragraph. Sometimes, a graph or a table puts impetus to your argument and your point of view. Students must keep in mind to keep similarities more than the differences, otherwise it shall look like a contrastive essay.

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       The conclusion paragraph plays an important role. Here you summarize your discussion reaffirming your thesis. This part is a little tricky. The students are prone to present several comparisons. It is not necessary. You shall pick only those which are most pronounced and have greater appeal. You should discard those which carry little relevance.

       While drawing an outline, students must keep in mind number of words or pages to be written. According to the volume of presentation, comparative aspects are to be chosen. One page comparative essay cannot take up many arguments.

       Finally, you have to take care of citing and referencing. This must be done as per guidelines given by the teacher. The comparative essay paper must be proof read carefully. A better way is to give the essay paper to your friend to proof read and you should proof read his essay. There must not be spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, active-passive or any other error in your comparative essay.

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