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       When learning the essay process, the main objective is to write an essay that fully describes how an individual goes about doing something or how something specific is done. Therefore, the primary item to do when writing an essay process is to figure out the process that will be explained in the essay. As well, students must figure out why the process they have selected to write about in their essay process is important to the audience who will be reading it and who or what the process affects.

       Because you are expected to explain the inner workings of a process in an essay process, you will most definitely have to research to enhance your understanding of the necessary steps within that certain process. As well as understanding the methods used to complete a process, you must also consider various other plausible methods to complete the process. When writing the essay process, you need to select the method that you believe is the clearest as well as the method most likely to be fully understood by the reader.

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       If you have selected to write about a confusing process or a process that requires additional information to gain an understanding of something in particular concerning the process, you will have to provide the reader with a bit of additional background information in the essay process paper. As well, if there is equipment to be used with the process to complete it, that will have to be discussed as well in the essay process paper.

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       The introduction paragraph in the essay process needs to tell the reader the process that is selected to discuss and why is it that this process is an important one to understand. In the following paragraphs, you will need to describe all the necessary steps of the process in chronological order. Also, besides describing the steps to the reader, you might have to provide a short summary explaining the importance of each step. If there are problems that may occur during a certain step, describe to the reader the potential problem as well as the most effective way to handle the problem.

       Since your essay process needs to describe steps, a number of transitional phrases will have to be used. Examples of good transitional phrases include:

  • Immediately following
  • After a few hours
  • Afterwards
  • In the end
  • Initially
  • At last
  • In the future
  • At the same time
  • Before
  • Before this
  • In the meantime
  • Later
  • During
  • Finally
  • First/second/third
  • Next/soon/after

       When using transitional phrases, it will clearly signal when you are changing to the next step of the essay process. It is essential to remember that the process is not intended to offer readers enough information that would enable them to do this process. However, they should be able to fully understand how it is that the process was done.

       The conclusion paragraph of the essay process will summarize the process described in the paper and reiterate the overall importance of having a comprehensive understanding of the full process. When done writing, read it over for grammar errors and to ensure that the essay process paper flows logically.

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