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       Critical essay is a critical appreciation of a book, article, or a subject. In a critical essay the writer has to first summarize the content of the book. Next, the subject should be analyzed in depth so that the reader gets a clear idea about the topic and is able to follow the rest of the essay without difficulty. The essay should be very rich in information. It should be completely backed by evidences, references, examples, and quotations. The next and the most important step while writing the essay is to evaluate all the points and contents of the book without being judgmental or biased. The writer should bring out the good and bad aspects and then gradually steer the entire essay into a concrete conclusion based on an honest evaluation.

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       Critical essay cannot be written casually as lot of prudence is required to write it.  A writer needs to have a very mature thought process in order to write a perfect critical essay. This assignment is usually given to college and university students. Although, we cannot say that all of them are naïve but the fact is most of the students are not aware of the intricacies of writing a good essay. They manage to write an essay but most of the times it fails to be what it is supposed to be. Therefore, the students have to be very careful while writing such essays. According to us if a student is not confident of his writing skills or does not understand how to write such an essay then he should try to seek help from any good custom essay writing service.

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