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       For students to create effective research papers, they need to master all aspects of the production process.  This can be terribly difficult, unless truly good teachers take the time to teach each step in a sequential manner and give students a significant amount of practice.  Unfortunately, many teachers do not do this well, even if they have the time with all of the other curricular requirements of their courses.  Even worse, teachers and professors assume students know how to effectively complete each step of the research paper process, spending no instructional time and providing no research paper guide to provide an explanation of the process and the necessary sections. 

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       Every student must have a research paper guide if he/she expects to be successful in this important aspect of educational success.  If a teacher or professor does not provide a research paper guide, then it is important to purchase one that will serve throughout high school and college.  A number of academic writing services will offer a research paper guide as a part of its total service provision to clients, but it will be important to purchase one that is thorough, that provides sufficient examples, and that is detailed enough to cover the unique formats of specific content areas.

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       An effective research paper guide will include the following:

  1. The process for topic selection.  If the topic has not been assigned, the student must select a topic that is appropriate for his/her level of study, as well as one that will fulfill the breadth and depth requirements.  Topic selection and refinement can be perhaps the most important step in the entire process. 
  2. The process of conducting appropriate research and documenting resource sources during this process.  This will be critical once the writing and referencing process begins. 
  3. Organizing the research from various sources into categories and synthesizing the information in order to determine the sections for the ultimate body of the paper are difficult and complex tasks, and it is important that the guide provide strategies for students to do this.
  4. Creating an outline:  This is the map for the organizing and sequencing of information and data for written presentation
  5. Writing the rough draft, revising, and writing the final draft
  6. Citing all in-text references:  the guide should provide examples of all citation formats
  7. Bibliography:  Again, the guide should provide examples of all types of resources that might be used and the variety of formats that an instructor may require 

       A comprehensive research paper guide is a MUST for all secondary and university-level students, and no one should “scrimp” by purchasing cheap, inferior products. 

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