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       Here are some essay writing tips that may help you as you attempt to meet the demands for academic writing.  They may not be miraculous solutions, but with practice and help, you can become a solid essay creator.  And, if these essay writing tips still do not provide enough assistance, the professionals of are ready to give you all of the help you need.

       There are all sorts of essay assignments that students face, including a wide variety of topics and purposes.  Creating all types of these essay assignments is often difficult, certainly if students do not have a specific strength in or enjoyment of writing in general.  In addition to essay assignments for specific courses, there are also those pesky admissions essays for both undergraduate and graduate programs.  So, let’s talk about both the normal academic essay writing tips and then some more specific essay writing tips related to those admissions essays.

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       When a student is assigned an essay, the task begins with the topic.  It may be specifically assigned by the instructor or professor, or the student may have a range of choice in determining that topic.  The topic itself generally defines the purpose, but, if not, then the student must decide upon his/her purpose.  This purpose should be clearly formulated in a thesis statement.  An essay on capital punishment, for example, will generally be presumed to be an argumentative or persuasive one, in which the student will need to take a stand on the issue.  This stand should be posited in the thesis statement.  Once the topic and purpose has been determined, and the thesis specified, the student must set about organizing his/her thoughts and creating a cohesive, well written piece.  In general, essay writing tips are as follows:

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  • Use some type of graphic organizer to compile both the priority and sequence of ideas and points to be made.  This may be an outline, a Venn diagram, an idea map, a box sequence, etc. – anything that will help you organize your thoughts.  You will then be able to prioritize and sequence each point effectively in its proper order.
  • You write the body of your essay first, without concern for the introduction or conclusion.  Until you have the actual piece completed, you cannot introduce it appropriately nor draw effective conclusions.
  • The introduction and conclusion are the last two paragraphs to write.  The introduction must include your thesis statement, written in a compelling manner and creatively enough to motivate your reader to move forward.
  • The conclusion ties up what you have stated but also make ask new questions or point the reader in a new direction for further thought.
  • Reading samples of other essays on similar topics can provide great blueprints as you create your own.
  • If you are unsure of factual information or feel you need additional data to support your thesis, by all means do the proper research before you add important detail.
  • Review your first draft carefully, not only for overall coherency and structure but, as well, for grammar and mechanics.   Use of vocabulary should be consistent with your academic level and yet appropriate for your audience.  Have someone else read it, if you believe you are too emotionally “attached” to what you have created.

       The admissions essay presents another sort of purpose and style requirement, but the process outlined above still generally applies.  Generally, the common essay among many assigned is a personal narrative.  In this task, you will need to select those defining moments and experiences of your life that have brought to your current “place.”  While this personal narrative is certainly autobiographical in nature, it should not be a chronological piece.  You want to focus on three or four general characteristics, skills, talents, or accomplishments which have been most critical in your personal and academic development – things that make you unique and provide a competitive edge in your admission goal. 

       If, for any reason, you are struggling with one or more essays, you can get professional help from  We can assign a professional writer or editor to create the work in its entirety or to review and suggest revisions for what you have already written.  Do not hesitate to contact us – you cannot find a better, more ethical writing agency than

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