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       When students are handed a number of different essay subjects, they are required to select one and then write a sufficient essay on that subject to hand to the teacher or professor for a grade. The student, after selecting from a variety of essay subjects, will then need to determine what they will write about on the subject and how they will go about properly structuring the essay. The essay subjectsmay either be general or specific; it depends on the course, the teacher or professor, and the student. Sometimes the teacher or professor will assign a subject and the students will have to write about that specific topic. However, in other instances, the teacher or professor will allow students to write on a subtopic that is related to the primary topic.

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       In certain instances, the teacher or professor may allow their students to determine their own essay subjects. This allows students to choose essay subjects that they are interested and how complex or specific they want to get about that specific subject. For example, one student may write a broad history of basketball, while another student chooses a much more specific topic, like how players implement pick and roll in a game of basketball.


     However, today numerous teachers and professors allow students to choose their own essay subjects. The only thing is that most teachers and professors state that they have to approve the subject prior to allowing the student to write about it. This is to ensure the subject manner is appropriate and that the student will not have difficulty writing about it. Sometimes teachers and professors assign students to read an academic journal article and allow the students to choose their own essay subjects in relation to that piece of literature. For instance, the teacher or professor might state that students need to write about how the article relates to the ways in which two parties opt to resolve a conflict. There are a number of different essay subjectsto possibly select depending on the article, including relationship conflicts, work related conflicts or war.

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       Sometimes students have a difficult time choosing a subject to write about in their essay. However, there are numerous resources currently available to help students choose the best possible essay subject. Since the advent of the internet, it has become a great source to turn to when looking for appropriate essay subjects. Students can look at newspaper websites or even online paper databases for ideas on essay subjects.

       An essay topic is a general idea the student is looking to write about. Thesis statements, on the other hand, are more specific and the essay is used to prove the thesis statement correct. Keep in mind that the thesis statement must correlate to the essay subject.

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