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       Essay Topics can be difficult to refine.  Generally, when essay assignments are given, they are in general content areas, and the students are given the choice to select their more specific essay topics on their own.  The issue often becomes selecting a topic that is:

  • Appropriate for the length required
  • Targeted within the general content area
  • Worthy of the academic level at which you are enrolled
  • Capable of being developed through your text, lecture notes, and/or research, as required
  • Directly related to the purpose for which the essay is to be written (explanation, response, narrative, description, comparison/contrast, persuasive, etc.)


       If you are a student having difficulty with the selection of effective essay topics, there are some steps you can take to assist yourself.  You can speak with other students who have taken the course and obtain suggestions from them.  You can conduct an Internet search on possible topics and see what others have written.  This may be particularly helpful with responses, comparison/contrast pieces, persuasive works or those essay topics related to controversial issues.   You can also check the resources available on a given topic, should your essay require research.

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       An “all purpose” solution for essay topics and essay writing can be found at  Here, you have any or all types of essay writing assistance, from topic selection and refinement to complete production of the essay for you.

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       At, you may search our database of essays, based upon general topic areas, and see examples of essay topics written in related areas.  As well, you can order a customized original essay from a fully qualified writer.  We guarantee its originality with a plagiarism scan and report, and, if research is required, that research will be fully authentic and checked for accuracy and appropriate citation. is proud to be the premier full-service academic online writing agency.  Whatever you need – a topic, a model or sample, or a fully produced essay, we are the one-stop shop for it all!

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