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        It cannot be denied that essay structure is an integral part of the work of any student. The ability to properly structure any essay provides a student with additional points when it is being evaluated by the teacher or professor. This article provides a guide on how to properly structure an essay. Basic essay structure ideas will be given to help write a good essay.

       Essay structure reflects the views and personal experiences of the writer given a specific issue or theme. On most occasions, essay structure suggests a subjective, yet new view on critical, literary, biographical, historical or philosophical nature.

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       The objective of any essay is to fully develop independent creative thinking skills and writing skills. The essay structure is very useful as it permits the writer to educate themselves on how to correctly and concisely formulate their ideas, organize all relevant information, utilize main analysis categories, provide causal relationships, illustrate concepts through the use of relevant and clear examples, showcase and explain all findings, and to master different writing styles.


       Every essay structure needs to contain the following:

  • A clear statement defining the specific issue focused on in the essay
  • An analysis of the issue using various concepts and analytical tools provided by the teacher or professor
  • The overall findings the author concluded during the course of writing this essay

       Based on the specific information in the essay, the essay structuremay be slightly different. In certain cases, this many include the full analysis of various statistical data to look at the issue, analysis of material collected from different media venues, the utilization of various study models, a very detailed review of proposed dilemmas concerning deployed view, selection, and also detailed analysis of the various examples used to illustrate the issue.

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       The essay structure of the evidence found may be organized using items such as proof, thesis statements, arguments, as well as conclusions and value judgments. Proof is defined as a number of logical functions used to justify the overall validity of certain judgments made during the course of the essay.

       The essay structure of the evidence needs to include three major components:

  • The thesis statement
  • The various arguments
  • The conclusion or the value judgments

       The thesis statement is what the writer is looking to support throughout the essay. The argument is the category used for showcasing the evidence used to back up the validity of the thesis statement. The conclusion of the essay is the view based on a concrete and in depth analysis of all the presented facts. Value judgments are known as personal opinions based upon the personal views or beliefs of the writer.

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