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Mark Haddon

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Research indicates that Mark Haddon was born in 1962 in Northampton. He graduated in 1981 with a BA in English at Merton College, Oxford. He then graduated in Literature in English in Edinburgh University for his Masters. Mark Haddon is a renowned illustrator, screenwriter and author. Apart from his bestselling novel ‘The Curious of The Dog in The Night-Time’, mark Haddon has written other books some of which include the Boom, The Red House, The sea of Tranquility and The Real Porky Philips.

“The Red House” is about Richard who is a wealthy medical doctor. He invites for a week of vacation his separated sister Angela plus her family. Richard has inherited a stepdaughter after remarrying. On the other hand, Angela has three children who seem unfamiliar to her sometimes and an incompetent husband. The Novel is set for 7days of bitterness and guilt.

Another of his books, “The Boom” is about two young best friends, Jim and Charlie. They believe that in the staffroom their teachers talk smack about them. They then bang hard the staffroom and consequently discover their teachers are aliens.

In the “Sea of Tranquility”, Haddon highlights his childhood, appeal with the accomplishment of humankind’s initial landing on the moon in 1969. In the tale, the boy has a picture of the solar system and coordination on his wall and daydreams of the intrigues of being in astronaut. Collective with this storyline are details on landing, counting exciting tidbits; for example, the footprints left there will stay for millions of years because of lack of rain and wind on the moon.

Another of his novels is “The Real Porky Philips”.  This novel is about an overweight young boy who is very sensitive. After playing the role of a genie in a play in school, he gains courage that enable him to affirm his real personality. Indeed, Haddon is a revered and renowned writer and these are just a few of his numerous literary works.

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