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Emotional Stress

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Klein (2008), notes that domestic violence can also occur when a family member is under emotional stress and intentionally or unintentionally transfers this stress to other family members. Emotional causes may be due to various reasons:


It is a very normal thing for one to be angry. However, different people act in different ways when they are angry. Some people fight with family members while others stay away from them. Some recover from this emotional feeling while for others, this feeling lasts for days, even months. Either way, domestic violence may arise from anger. An angry person may hurl insults at family members. He may also chase them away from the home. There are incidences where anger has driven some people into killing their spouse and children.


Stress can drive people from abandoning their marital responsibilities. When a spouse is under stress, he cannot perform his family roles in the right way. When this happens, other family members complain. This complains may make the stressed person’s condition worse, leading to a situation whereby the condition gets worse with time, finally getting out of hand.

Stress may be work-related or it may emanate from overwhelming family responsibilities. Either way, it is upon all family members to express their understanding of an individuals suffering. Without this understanding, the stress condition can only get worse. Thomas (1993) says that people who are under stress may direct violence towards their families as a way of attracting attention to their problems. When no family member seems to take notice, the situation gets worse with time, finally ending in the disintegration of the family.


When parents treat their children unequally, those who are discriminated against may complain. The complaints may lead to violence when no one heeds them. Fights among children often arise because of unfair distribution of resources. Some children may be given access to all the educational and emotional resources while other children get none. It is difficult for the children who are treated in this manner to sit back and watch this happen.


Poverty in the family may drive everyone into a feeling of helplessness. According to UNICEF (2006), poverty is the leading cause of domestic violence in most poor countries. Unemployment, high costs of living and general impoverishment easily drives family members into being susceptible to violence. For some people, violence is a good way of shifting emotional attention from the existing problems. When poverty reigns, there are high chances that conflicts relating to matters of resource distribution will arise.


The media remains a very influential force in all facets of our societies. The family may be depicted in movies as a flawless institution that is glamorous all the time. This is very far from the truth. Unfortunately, people do not understand this, something that makes them try to act out what they see on TV in their own family settings. When things do not work out their way, this may lead to emotional turmoil that fuels domestic violence.

Additionally, children who have been brought up in an environment where they watch violent movies all the time end up becoming adults who are emotionally immature. They become violent for no apparent reason since they think that life should be all about violence.

Buy custom Emotional Stress essay

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