Custom «Effects of Mobile Devices to the Future of Gaming» Essay Paper

Custom «Effects of Mobile Devices to the Future of Gaming» Essay Paper


Background Information about Mobile evices

Mobile phones have become a necessary gadget during this present century throughout the entire universe. This is because it has brought connections with long distance families and even made transactions much easier than the past decades. There has been advanced technology whereby the gadget is just not used for playing games but also storing information such as pictures and music and many other essential data.

These gadgets have proved to be the best way to get intact with any games available in the present world and also ensure there is a proper utilization. In terms of games portability these gadgets are able to provide a pleasant working environment to the relevant players who are interested and even get assisted as soon as possible. They are also used in providing information to other user gadgets and get to pass the necessary games messages rather than make a physical contact.

Mobile phones can also be used to get internet access and provide games that are available online and pass messages in terms of emails and other types of internet messages. The most advanced technology sites include social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. All these can be accessed by the gadget rather than getting a computer or laptop to access them.

During the past years when the gadget may be introduced it was extremely costly to purchase and also the communication charging rate was exceptionally high to the users. The latest use of the gadget by a large number of users the cost has decreased and has been available to every market. These days the gadget is cheaper and easy to navigate due to its comfortable tools and features that users are interested.

Each and every season there are new and advanced technology mobile phones that have powerful features rather than the text and ringtone features. Nowadays like in the Asian countries the gadget can sense earthquake signals and give notification to the user of an earthquake disaster. It can also be used as a tracking device whenever there are emergency or kidnapping cases. This has proved to be lifesaver gadget and at the same economical because the authority can be notified as early as possible and reduce bigger losses from happening.

During the old technology, the gadget used ringtones to notify the user of any incoming call or send messages but with the present technology there are greater means of notifying the user. One can download a full version song and save as a notifying feature in case of an incoming call. This is due to the introduction of WAP technologies that allow cell phone internet connections.

Problem Statement

Without a doubt, mobile devices have proved to be easier and essential to be used by each and every human being. This includes from getting connected to even masking money transactions such as sending and receiving money in a bank account. These gadgets have undoubtedly made life easier and fast due to its greater features that can assist in multitasking several events just in one day and get feedback in a moment. With all the above advantages, it is crucial to use the gadget in a proper manner especially when driving it is essential to pull over and make a call rather than when driving.

A mobile game can be referred as a video game that may be played on mobile phones or on smartphones and other portable gadgets. These games can be played by using the present and developed technologies on the device. Mobile gaming is non networked features that simply apply the mobile device platform technology to run the game software. The games can be fixed in the mobile through air or may be side loaded using a cable.

Purpose of the Study

Mobile has a greater effect to the present gaming because it cats as supplement to the computer games. Almost every person has a mobile and each and everyone has a different experience to gaming while using their mobile phones. Even though game users are away from the computers they can log in using their phones and get into the game and take from where they stopped and play.

Mobile has changed a lot of things and even the view of the game by having similar features just like those of a computer. Game developers have a big impact in this due to their latest focus on mobile gaming rather than computer gaming. Game developers are a bit ditching the traditional gaming system and are moving to the mobile gaming model.

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In future there will be a big change in game developing system and mobile gaming will be a major beneficiary from the change. Another thing that will attribute to changes is the way people buy and pay for the games due to necessity factor. The mobile keys are flexible and easier to master them thus increasing more speed while playing.

Using convention features is what has made mobile devices the players need to use the provide software application that has all the required game navigation. Mobile devices usually have certain keys for specific actions in each game and make it easier for players to use them. Other console game applications do not offer automatic response whenever there is a wrong key struck by the users.

Hypothesis for the Study

Since most mobile games follow the user interface style while gaming, this has mobile more flexible and intuitive that has the shortest path to gaming. The navigation provided by the mobile phones has made it easier for the players to remember.

Today the entire universe has gone to the digital world due to the recent technological impairments to great features. Even the most advanced game developer companies have established various research systems to connect their games developing system to mobile gaming.

With the development of mobile operating system platforms such as iOS and Google android, mobile creators have formed digital downloadable feature that can run on the gadgets by using the operating system.

Accessibility of technologically phones is what has led to a high expectation of gaming to the next level. This is because phones are now accessible to each and everybody physically that involves flexibility of the interface as well as, mentally through easier use of the phones.

Phones are also accessible to everybody both geographically which is through ubiquity of internet services and also personally which is through the storage of the entire game data in the cloud. This is to say phones have become accessible at all times and everywhere to clients making it easier to access game features through the gadget.

Mobile phone navigating is easier due to its efficient input devices that provide players with efficient services while gaming. The mobile has provided two kinds of navigation to gaming system; one is the permanent navigation that is utilized for primarily navigation. The other is the temporally navigation that is related to the primarily navigation while playing.

The future of mobile games is the key to high growth due to the mobile games use of flex able free play games to the users and also the investing companies. Mobile games avoid friction for a player to get a great gaming experience that is brought by connected mobile devices and a connection of an internet cloud. The benefit of having an internet cloud is to put a developed game into the cloud and ensure there is equal opportunity for all users to get access to the games.

Mobile phones have different kinds of game purposes that are the units, the character classes in the game features that are designed to allow efficient functionality with different players.

Some of the features that make mobile phones more compatible are the efficiency in the screen layout and easier visual ability to the players. The screen provides games at every category and aligned in rows to scatter in the center region of the screen. While multiplying two players the mobile phone features arrange each player appropriately on the screen to enable all players to view the game action and available feedbacks while playing.

Mobile devices can get into a game at a faster rate due to the new technology perspective and even without the use of a downloadable game file it can still work. It is also advantageous for the game users; they do not need to pay any charges for testing the available games if they are the best taste to them.

Mobile phone industry is making the game developing system easy to develop and ensure there is penetration of new and advanced games into the industry. This makes both the games developing industry and the mobile industry interesting in working together. This enables the industry to serve the customers in all regions with a free game play that is frictionless to technology advancement.

Today there are several debates about the future of mobile games due to the competitiveness in the games develop industry. Most of the external play games one is vulnerable to paying much more money than downloading a free game using the mobile phone. The ability and also the effectiveness of downloading a freemobile game is the easiest way to get experience and also avoid extra costs. This is one of the best ways of the mobile game industry to grow expeditionary. Mobile phone has exceeded its role as a sample of communication device and become a highly sophistic multimedia’s hybrids in the game industry.


The Effects of Mobile Devices on the Mass Gaming Market

To evaluate the effect of mobile devices on the gaming market there is a number of user centered evaluation techniques familiar in the industry. It is important to focus on a better understanding of the gaming industry through its buildup knowledge and a refining scope of the final game product.

The first user centered evaluation is the literature review that has a number of academic as well as, non-academic sources to learn much more about mobile gaming. The mobile industry gives the relevant information on how users can use the DS system in the mobile gaming features (OCSC 2009; Ozok  & ZAPHIRIS 2009, p. 72).

The second review is the comparative evaluation by comparing the mobile game system with their competitive sources. This evaluation gives the overview of hoe mobile phones fit in the gaming industry with the relevant competition and the proper method to make it more successful.

The third evaluation is the contextual interview with the mobile gamers to look at how the users in the system can get upgraded features. This evaluation gives much more information to assist in scoping a great focus on the best way to have multiplayer’s mobile games.

There is also the heuristic evaluation to the mobile gaming and evaluate four different mobile games in-depth. This helps the users choose the best mobile game for use and also inform the users on the designed usability features by the mobile industry.

In the past few years there has been a big change in the mobile industry as well as the gaming industry. With the current technology advancement, mobile gaming will eventually be the most preferred gaming device in the world. This is after a few years of growth and also users adapting its features.

About three quarter of the current young generations are estimated a lot that are currently using mobile gaming. Mobile gaming is growing at a very high rate due to the characteristics complementary that are different from the traditional gaming.

Mobile games can be categorized into four major ways;

- over the air – this is where the game is installed by using a binary file and it is installed through wireless carrier networks.

-s ide loaded – this one involves loading a game binary file into the mobile when connected to a computer by either a USB cable or via Bluetooth.

- there is the pre-installed – this one involves preloading a game binary file into the mobile gadget using an original equipment manufacturer.

- the last one is the mobile browser – this involves downloading a game file directly from the source mobile games site.

With the high quality definition hepatic features, mobile developers can transform the game users to a certain degree of experience. This is by the mobile features that have unique as well as, customizable touch feedback effect.

Mobiles have also made games and their applications alive by having enhanced realism hepatics offers. The gadget has also created a differentiated game user experience by allowing hepatics to define a brand via a distinct user experience and a unique industrial application. Mobiles have expended the usability feature by using audio and visual feedback to provide full game context.

Most developers believe that mobile phones development and its advanced features will be the future of game development. This is due to the audience gigantic way of appreciating the device and the gadget becoming more powerful. Once there is introduction of wireless streaming there will be standard gaming from each and every region using the mobile phone.

The future of all mobile game applications is bright, this due to various venture capitalist research and investigation. Some of the new beggings have strained bearing fruits of the capitalist hard work.  Many market investors are even getting interested with mobile games production (Zelkowitz 2007, p. 65).

With time mobile phones will become more powerful than the present models, and this will promote development of mid core games. Gamers will play a game through the phone as graphically impressive as well as, complex as the PC externals. Mobile device industry will try and revolutionize some of the mobile features to ensure that games files fit perfectly to its software.

Mobile games are played in various numbers of contexts and, therefore, there is a need for heuristic designs for the gaming industry to study the effectiveness of the mobile device and also the game design to support such context of game use.

Some of the available contexts include outdoor and indoor ability to play without interruptions while playing. There is also the connectivity agenda that is used while playing and other various factors that affect the industry.

Most of the developed games in 2D will remain in the industry and also successful financially until there are enough developers and games many people can choose from. A multiplayer gaming on the mobile phone has seemed to be a come true development that developers have focused their scope on the industry. Mobile gaming is becoming popular due to the variety context and the heuristics designed features to provide an effective model.

Mobile phones are the first step of moving forward for the game industry development, this is due to consumer ability to download a game onto their devices even before they play the game. Internet clouding is the bets model that has made it possible to achieve the development, where game players access their taste games in the cloud and play the exact place they are in using the mobile phones.


The Effects of Smartphone Devices to the World of Gaming

The expansion of mobile gaming has been promoted by the attributes of a smartphone. This is because almost every person carries a mobile phone in his daily activities and, therefore, it is easier for them to get their fix of gaming using the smartphone gadgets. This is because smartphones are accounting to about the half of all mobile phones in the current market.

Smartphones are a bit more expensive than any game handling gadget, but the functionality of the smartphone is more than the gadgets. Most games have become expensive in the market and have really changed most clients’ opinion and have translated to smartphones as a method of gaming. There are also games that show that gaming through a smartphone is actually the best gadget to use rather than the gamer devices used with a computer.

Mobile gaming has expended both market wise and also technology advanced in the past few years. This is as a result of the introduction of smartphones into the market and developed with the games external html connections. The display on the smartphone is preferred to be better than other gaming gadgets and user friendly to many.

The popularity of mobile has increased appropriately, but smartphones have increased much more due to clients’ demand to play mobile games using it. It is estimated that over ninety percent of clients that have bought smartphones play the mobile games at least twice a week.

One of the reasons for the dominance of smartphones is due to their clear availability in the market. They are also having cheaper costs that most people prefer to purchase them and multitasking making calls and messaging as well as, playing mobile games. With the introduction of high quality gaming phones such as Xperia play, mobile gaming will be dominating by using smartphones.

Games developers spend a lot of money or require a lot of money and also take a long period of time while creating other gaming devices than by developing a smartphone platform to play mobile games. Nowadays there are several games that are available for download and also played by a smartphone.

Many mobile games are available on smartphones due to their touch based features that many users prefer using while playing. This is a major advantage compared to other gaming gadgets available due to their dual processors and high resolution screen features. There is also a development of gyroscope into the smartphone industry which will be a substitute of a joystick.

Many games that have been developed have been exclusively been connected to smartphone platform features. This is fate integration of 3D API’s into the mobile features and thus various games have been created exclusively for phones.

Most of the smart phone developer companies have the idea of taking the gaming on smartphones to a higher level. One of the developed high level qualities is the Xperia play which allows players to play games using the application. This has made an excellent future of using smartphones for gaming at a brighter side.

Smartphones do not just facilitate a game experience that will feature with just today but in the next future. This is due to the constant improvement at a lower cost rate that is accessible to both the players and also the games manufacturing corporations.

Most people are excited with the manner the smartphone is penetrating the game industry and also growing. This is due to the availability of an iOS platform that provides a great usability solution for the distribution of the games. The smartphones are really more of a component solution to the game development industry.

Almost of the smartphones are bought having an installed OS by the manufacturing company to ensure there is compatibility between the features of the phone and those of the game files. Many smartphone companies are putting much energy with partnerships through the carriers and also through the games application developers to ensure that they solve some of the numerous parts of the puzzle for the players. This is done by a more modular fashion style to enable there is clear work within the ecosystem environment between the players and the mobile industry.

Smartphones are becoming both increasing ubiquitous as well as, personalized connection to transforming everyday cultural practices and technology spaces. The device has also offered ready to hand present interaction of the paler and actual and virtual environments.

With the increase in smartphone consumers in the market, then there is a growth in the application of the games and remains as the most favorable application in the industry. This has increased the bright future of gaming in the world and also in the games industry.

Gaming on a smartphone has come a long way since its application development by experts in the industry. There has been an increase in the processor size that has geared a potential feature to enjoy playing any game. Smartphone developers have done their best with crafting the entire virtual analog game sticks and also swipe gestures for games panning. Most companies are trying to change the features of a smart phone into a new controller that is compatible to games files.

Gaming is a region that smartphones have a lot of loads of untapped potential in the market and also in the industry. There is the introduction of iOS gaming feature that has taken the smart phone to another leap level. There is a bigger gap between mobile gaming and the console gaming which is shrinking in numbers.

Smartphones have been geared with numerous features that have set apart their easier predisposes mobile phones. It has obtained these features of a clamshell design from the earlier sample that is compatible to the gaming features. The visuals feedback by the smartphone screen features allow a clear user to interact with the available gaming system.


The most important and interesting features of a smartphone involves its entire mechanism application style. Unlike most of the mobile devices the smartphone has control pad that most of the mobiles do not have as a feature. The specification of a smartphone that includes the memory size to accommodate the games capacity is a hundred percent compatible.

The important factor that has promoted mobile gaming using the smartphone is the affordable prices to purchase a new one. This has enabled all the smartphone users to access the games. The operating system has been installed with gaming version software to obtain a comparative gaming feature that more users get interested in obtaining.

Smartphone has a good layout that is compatible with the available games developed due to the smartphone screen resolution and other extra features. Players that use this gadget find it a heuristic designed layout feature. A good rule to gaming instruction is the information that the device provides that is visible to the user at all time.

Most players are able to see relevant information through the smartphone which is not possible through other devices. This helps the player to have some clue on the current game situation on the available energy character and even the available left time for the game to end. These are some of the features that most console devices are not offered to the player thus making the smartphone model the best mobile device to play games with.

There are over five hindered games available for the smartphone technology and most of them support some of the games degree to enable multiplayer functionality through its wireless network to the internet.

Smartphones provide a clear confirm action to the players and cannot allow player to make irreversible errors and still be competitive to other players. The software installed in these devices confirms actions that can cause problems to the players in the game. The features are helpful to the player by enabling a recovery to any mistakes made by the players while using a smartphone.

Smartphone provides game teaching software that is downloadable and the player is able to start a game by learning from the software. The player does not necessarily need to have manuals or other relevant information but from the information provided by the smartphones that has all the required manuals in its system.

Smartphones enable players to start a game very fast and very easily accessible that is approximately within five seconds. A play session using a smartphone is usually shorter than other play session by other compatible play stations.

Advanced players in various games find smartphones easier to use and also compatible to their fast skills. This has proved that smartphones are the best mobile devices in the present world that is compatible to all kinds of games.


The timeline of the required study has to be carried out in duration of three months. This is to ensure all the relevant information and ideas have been carried out in time.


Mobile phone – is a gadget that is used to connect people through calls or messaging system or through internet connections over a radio link that is connected within a certain regional area with the provider service corporation.

Smartphone – is a gadget that is built using the connection of a mobile phone design and has a mobile computing system but with more computing skills as well as, an excellent connectivity compared to a mobile phone.

Mobile gaming – this is a video play that is played on a mobile phone or a smartphone or may be other computer related medium.


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