Custom «What Makes a Top 100 Hospital» Essay Paper

Custom «What Makes a Top 100 Hospital» Essay Paper

In 2009-2010 period, several hospitals were ranked at the top hundred positions in the United States of America. In that ranking, Ronald Reagan UCLA medical centre came as one of the top five American hospitals ranking at position three.  It also became the best medical centre in the western United States of America for the twenty-first time in consecutive years. For this hospital to achieve such success, for a long time it must have engaged itself in certain plans and quality maintenance issues.

The hospital is located in Los Angeles in the university of California campus. The hospital commenced in 1953 but was destroyed by the Northridge earthquake in 1994. The new hospital started operating in 2008, replacing the old one. The hospital has an affiliation with the University of California and assists in the training of medical doctors in David Geffen School of medicine at UCLA.

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The hospital is owned by the government, and receives budgetary allocations from the federal government besides its internal funding. Ronald Reagan functions as part of a network of UCLA health system. The government appoints senior managers on merit. The hospital receives various ratings from patient surveys and media ratings.

First, Ronald Reagan UCLA medical centre ensured that it put patients as the most significant part of their services. Hospitals exist and operate because their sole responsibility involves treating patients. A hospital fails in its mandate to provide services to patients if it does not provide adequate care and attention. As doctor, David Feinberg who works as the chief executive officer and associate vice chancellor of the UCLA hospital system stated, they put patients as the core of everything that happened in the hospital. They considered that as their ultimate standard. This made the hospital provide excellent patient-centered care.  Therefore, the hospital provided high-quality services to patients. This helped them rank highly (Moster, 2010).

Secondly, Ronald Reagan has a team of gifted and dedicated medical and support personnel, in the entire UCLA health system. It has more than seven hundred employees. It has a representation of all types of doctors. The hospital has ensured that it has maintained a motivated team of professionals. The workers perform their duties without discrimination or favoritism. They go an extra mile to sav lives of patents that come to the hospital to receive medical help. The team has a remarkable working relationship that helps them to work together and coordinate their work to ensure that they offer high standardized services.  All members of the hospital team posses’ relevant qualifications in their area of specialization that helps them to deliver quality services. 

The hospital has doctors, nurses, researchers, physicians, pharmacists and other staff that help in undertaking various duties at the hospital. The hospital has also ensured that it pays its employees attractive salaries that make them happy to work at the hospital. These makes the personnel at the hospital work with determination and love their work. It has helped the personnel concentrate on their work and give the best that they can offer. The working environment at the hospital also encourages the teams to work effectively. The hospital has a friendly working environment that encourages employees to work together and give the best of what they can offer (Moster, 2010).

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The hospital specializes in most of the specialties covered in medicine ranging from surgery, child-care, neurology and many more. It has been recognized for its cancer treatment specialty. Ronald Reagan UCLA hospital provides latest in medical technology to people in Los Angeles and the entire world. It has ensured that it reviews its medical services and outputs to fit with modern medical discoveries and technology. New technology offers new ways of discovering and treating diseases. Ronald Reagan hospital has tried as much as possible to keep its medical personnel up-to-date with current medical technologies through researches in and out of the hospital. Constant research has helped the hospital remain relevant in this age where new diseases come up, and old ones regenerate into new ones. For instance, researchers from Ronald Reagan UCLA medical centre were among the teams that could receive NIH funds to carry out further research, to find a cure for HIV. This shows the dedication and determination that Ronald Reagan UCLA medical centre has in its services (Moster, 2010).

Ronald Reagan UCLA hospital has facilities that enable it to achieve success in all its undertakings. The hospital has ensured that it acquires the best and modern facilities that help the medical practitioners perform their duties and provide remarkable services to patients. The hospital has modern facilities in all its areas of specialty that has helped it provide quality services. It has ensured that it acquires the best facilities it can get in the market. It has done this to ensure that it does not limit its personnel in their work or compromise the services that the hospital provides. For a hospital to operate in the required manner, it must have all the facilities that must aid its operations. Therefore, Ronald Reagan hospital achieves success with its facilities.

The leadership at Ronald Reagan UCLA hospital also contributed to the hospital ranking at the third position out of one hundred. The leadership at the hospital comprises of learned people who practice high qualified leadership. They have led helped the hospital become organised in its undertakings. They have ensured that different departments at the hospital work together to achieve a common goal. The leadership has ensured that the hospital possesses high qualified workers and has a friendly working environment filled with facilities. They have helped the hospital to aim at its best by ensuring that all departments provide high-quality services to patients and to the society. They coordinate and work with departmental heads and other personnel, to ensure that the hospital runs smoothly. The relationship between the management and the employees has also helped the hospital offer quality services (Moster, 2010).

The hospital has been able to perform highly because of the availability of funds. The availability of funds has enabled the hospital to purchase quality facilities, employ qualified and enough personnel buy medicine and other resources that have contributed to the success of the hospital. The funds have also helped the hospital carry out research that has helped in the treatment of diseases and offering better services to patients.

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Currently, the hospital offers positions for volunteers, and it has many job openings ranging from administration, executive, nursing, pharmacy, clinical laboratory, radiology and respiratory therapy among many more.

In conclusion, Ronald Reagan UCLA hospital has earned the third position out of one hundred positions because of its value on patients, employees, the facilities and funds it has among other factors as discussed. These have enabled the hospital achieve success.

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