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Military Medical Crimes

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In the medical field, white-collar crime may include pharmaceutical executives untruly advertising that a vaccine can prevent certain infections which in real sense it does not. According to this video the Pentagon arranged for the United States troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Korea to receive anthrax vaccines by force (Lordblackhawk1000, 2008). The soldiers were denied the right to refuse deadly vaccines as they were threatened by the Pentagon. This was after the forewarnings that were issued by a number of heroic and patriotic individuals to military and government officials.

It was kind of a plan between the Department of defense and pharmaceutical executives who knew that there would be an increased demand for the anthrax vaccine as their plan goes through. Increased demand always leads to increase in the price of goods or services and this is what the pharmaceutical company was targeting. This therefore qualifies to be a white-collar crime. After this arrangement, there was mass vaccination of the United States troops which risked the lives of many soldiers as the live anthrax bacteria was injected into their blood stream (Lordblackhawk1000, 2008).   

The soldiers should have the right to refuse what is unfavorable to their health. They should not be forced to be injected with a very expensive deadly vaccine for experimental purposes. Air force pilots decided to quit their profession rather than accept the deadly vaccine into their bodies. A caring United States Government, which is truly interested in the safety and health of Americans, would be ensuring that there is progress in public health and educational policies regarding chemical and biological attack preparedness (Pontell & Geis, 2007).

It is very contrary when such critical advice and policy is entirely left to independent, usually ill-trained individuals at best. Such individuals convince the government with the aim of selling their fake product at a high price. The government should be aware of such white-collar criminals for the safety of citizens (Lordblackhawk1000, 2008).   

White-collar criminals always use a convincing language and can do a fatal harm which cannot be realized until very late (Benson & Simpson, 2009). The forewarnings of the heroic and patriotic individuals to military and government officials are fallaciously accepted by the government without further investigation. This includes forcing the troops to be injected with a deadly vaccine. The soldiers should be allowed the right to reject the vaccines once they realize the consequences.  

Buy custom Military Medical Crimes essay

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