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Sexual Orientation

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Gender determines the type of jobs one is able to get and work on females are the grade school teachers as opposed to male principals in high schools in fact some states don’t allow males to teach grades lower than the sixth grade (such a nationality favors males). Female doctors are so few with some states having even less than five gynecologists and in the military they add up to 2 percent these being mainly nurses (Richards, 2000). This makes females to be of a lower financial class as compared to males. Females also are not at free will to choose whether to become lesbians, as they will not be recognized. Both Amy Richards and Lisa Weiner-Mahfuz bring multiple identities forth and they consider identities such as class, race, skin color, sex orientation, nationality among others.

According to Richards, the young women and girls have restrictions in their activities. For example, they cannot play soccer or form teams. Besides, having sex determines their chances of getting stable future partners. It is also evident that females cannot get most services without male escorts signatures from their husbands; they are denied bar or restraint services or important operations on their bodies without their consent.

Generally, sexism is a form of discrimination due to sex. However, in the case of these authors, this is different. For instance, Lisa shows that class, race, religion (anti-Semitism) and sex orientation (lesbianism) all affect sexism. This author strongly brings out the confusion amongst mixed-class, mixed-religion, mixed-race people can undergo especially when the character could not know where to be classified between the white (she has a white complexion) and the colored. Often confusion is mixed with anger and a feeling of rejection. Feminism is encouraged by the author as a form of dealing with racism and general oppression.

Buy custom Sexual Orientation essay

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