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Barry Long

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Barry Long is a 49 year old African-American male. He lives in Chicago, Illinois. Born and grew up in Hawaii, United States. He is an American nationality who subscribes to Christianity and attends United Church of Christ. He is married and has two daughters.

In his growing years he was schooled at Jakarta, Besuki and St. Johns of Assisi School. He then proceeded to the college as at his fifth grade until he finished high school. After high school, Barry attended a second college for one and half years. He thereafter transferred to a University in Canada, where he pursued his bachelor’s degree.  He proceeded to join a Law school to pursue a doctorate degree.

After his studies, he worked temporarily as an administrator to oversee the development of projects in the community. This included religious based projects in New York City and other cities whereby he worked as a community coordinator. He helped to put up a profession program of training and a tenants' rights association in Chicago. Barry also served as a consultant and trainer for a community organizing institute. In addition, Barry served as a don at a Law school in Chicago for period of ten years whereby he taught law. Later on, he joined a 15 legal representative law enterprise in the field of civil rights legal action and locality economic development. Thereafter, he served duties in directors’ boards of the Economic Fund in the state of Colombia, where he served as head of directors and as founder and chairman of the panel of directors.

With the experience gained while working for various organizations and institutions Barry continued to embrace as many opportunities as he could to lead. He then continued to show excellence in the performance of his duties in the positions he served in which earned him the trust of the larger public. He has had an upward trend in rising in ranks and positions. He has had quality leadership skills that promoted him duly.

Traumatic events. Barry’s parents separated when he was two years old and finally detached later on. The father, who is a Kenyan native, remarried and left Barry under the care of his grandparents from the mother’s side. The mother also married a student who was attending college at Hawaii. Barry’s mother later passed on from sarcoma while the father died of a car accident. This exposed him to social stigma which resulted from the multiracial heritage that surrounded him. Barry has struggled to quit smoking over the years and administers nicotine surrogate therapy to date, though he has admitted that he has not quit entirely.

Barry has had to encounter numerous psychological issues, social, environment and relationships that have defined his life to date. He began as a society coordinator before graduating with degree in law then helped put up a working position in a training program, a college introductory training program, in addition to rights of tenants association that is in Chicago. Barry also worked as guide and trainer for one of the foundations present in Chicago, which was a society organizing institute. He traveled to various countries where he met and interacted prominent people. While at the University, he was appointed the editor of Law Review in addition to the leader of the journal. He also worked with law organizations in Chicago. Barry served as the head of Health plus Human Services agency when Democrats, after ten years in minority, recovered popularity. In these bids, he proposed a list of bills which include; The Safety and Systematic colonization Act.  Together with other related stakeholders, he introduced follow-up legislation, Escalation Simplicity plus Liability in the context of National Expenses Act in the year 2008.

As the first African American landmark leader, he has fought for a law that allowed nuclear firm owners to alert the state on the danger of chemical emissions. He further voted for the division deed fairness Act and the gender equality Amendments Act. Barry came up with a business spurt prerequisite candid management and Open regime Act. Barry later on introduced change to the Protection Authorization Act toting up safeguards for traits disorder military discharges. He also sponsored the Sanctions Act on war prone countries supporting divestment of state annuity funds from the industries dealing with oil in addition to gas and co-sponsored legislation to reduce risks of nuclear terrorism. Barry also sponsored a Senate amendment to the “State Children's Health Insurance Program” providing one year job protection for family members caring for soldiers with injuries that were related to combat.

He also proposed an extension of the coverage of insurance on health to cater the people who are not insured, in an attempt to cut down the increase in level of premiums in addition to facilitating for the maintenance of coverage in the situation of change in occupation or termination of office tenure. These are some of the bills he proposed during his early years in leadership.

He has also brought change in the collapsing motors company by renewing loans for these corporations so that they could continue with operations. In 2009, Barry approved the concern that adding too much debt could cause the financial system to run into a "twofold dip" recession. As head of state he has proposed awarding instructors for excellent work from normal merit reimburse systems, assuring workers organizations that change will be realized through mutual bargaining system. It was because of his proper management that the economy of the state expanded by a significant percentage hence helping to stop recession and reducing cases of unemployment. 

During his performance, he has been in support of the issue of eliminating of levy on senior citizens with incomes of not more than $60,000, and raising levy on earnings over $200,000, in consideration to the capital gains, and on dividends. He has also backed the idea of making taxation systems simpler and eliminating loopholes. As an environmental initiative, Barry proposed a restriction and trade auction scheme to hamper the issue of chemical emissions like carbon and further introducing a long term investment program in energy sources to safeguard the state from depending on foreign fuel and alternative resources.

According to polls conducted, Barry was rated as the most popular world leader, as well as the one figure that most people would pin their hopes on to pull the world out of the present day economic recession. Barry's international appeal has been described as a defining factor for his public image. The polls also indicate tremendous support for Barry in other countries. Moreover, he has interacted with renowned world distinct figures. This implies that the future hold much for this personality making his life to be prosperous and outstanding internationally. He has written two books that are bestsellers in the bookshops and bookstores allover the world. 

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