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Mexican Conflict and War

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But aggression intensified between Mexico and Texas. It was at a level where none could turn back. Polk had not even got the approval of the congress to go to war but he announced war. Thus this was propaganda that the Mexican troops had spilled American blood on American soil as spread by on of Polk’s supporter. This was after the dispatch of Slidell to Mexico City with instructions to gain Mexico’s recognition of the annexation of Texas with the Rio Grande border and in exchange the United States government would assume the debt owned by Mexico to American Citizens but when Slidell reached the MexicanCity the Government head refused to welcome him. This resulted to Polk ordering him downward to Rio Grande in order to provoke a Mexican attack and convince Americans to unite pro the war. The main factors in the bigger picture were expansion of slavery and to consolidate the market for cotton in the south. Britain was not strong to fight over Oregon it saw negotiation as a way out but Mexico chose to fight over a territory it had lost. Polk stumbled over his enemies because they were not organized and also those who were opposed to his way in the Whig did not realize that he had clear objectives and did not fear to pursue them (Paul S. Boyer, 2008).

In the long run a war broke out between Mexico and the United states because of the boundary dispute when Polk ordered the United States troops to occupy the disputed area justifying the president to declare war on May 13, 1846. This was an opportunity for Polk to seize California and New Mexico states that Mexico had refused to sell to the United States. The settlement of the war was by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. In this war the United states gained the Rio Grande as the southern border and enlarged its size by twenty percent in addition of California and south west.

The annexation of Texas and the conquest for Oregon was a call for aggression between the United States and Mexico and Great Britain. These were the major factors that can be discussed apart from the political intrigue and competition in the high whelms of power in the UniteStates or the opposition of more slave states by the Northern states. These were underlying factors that could not comprehend to heightened aggression but the major factors regarding control and occupation.

Buy custom Mexican Conflict and War essay

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