Custom «Algerian War» Essay Paper

Custom «Algerian War» Essay Paper

Algerian war implied to the conflict that involved the movements of independence in Algerians and France which took place between the years 1954 and 1962. The end analysis after the war was the gaining of independence in Algeria from France. This therefore implies that the war was a decolonization one that made it to be a complicated conflict whose notable characteristics were the guerrilla type of warfare, terrorism to the civilians, the application of torture by both parties, the use of maquis fighting in addition to the use of the operations of counter-terrorism by French Army

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The actual causes of the war that took place in Algeria were the invasion of the French, the inevitable fundamentalism of the Islam in addition to the collapse of democracy. There was a need for the achievement of independence among the Algerians and this could only be achieved through the use of the war since the French were reluctant to give independence to the Algerians. The French settlers were particularly unwilling to facilitate for the independence of the natives due to the privileges they had with regard to their lifestyles relative to the Algerians (Aussaresses, 2006).

During the era of the pacification as well as the periods that were associated with colonization that came after the conquest, there was a feeling of hesitation among the French people on the decisions regarding the most appropriate policies that were to be adopted. This is in respect to the policies of colonization, the regime of local government, the possibility of assimilation, departmentalization or the use of semi-autonomy. It was evident that for the century that followed, even at the termination of the world war two, Algeria continued to heavily depend on France on economical as well as political matters. This resulted to the upcoming of most of the uprisings especially as concerns the Setif as well as the Guelma which were suppressed in a brutal manner (Maran, 1989).

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