Custom «Globalization and Capitalism» Essay Paper

Custom «Globalization and Capitalism» Essay Paper

We are in the era of globalization and capitalism, so the stance on anything has an ultimate effect on the other thing as well. From past dew decades our society has confronted a number of problems like the global earth worming and air pollution. In this piece of paper, we will merely discuss about the air pollution problem and its hazards. By considering all these things, we will then give some recommendations to overcome on this issue appropriately. We have used six different company’s mission statement, which are giving the same services to the people to prevent from air pollution.

From the study, we have found that all the companies which we have selected and the article of John Walke “Air Pollution” who was formerly an air pollution attorney with the US Environmental Protection Agency. The grounds of this author and the mission statement of the selected companies almost depicted the same thing. The main key point of all these authors is that the pollution is a bad thing which ultimately becomes the foremost causes, which decrease the value of a property in a specific location.

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Fewer regulations are bad at the government because the government of any country cannot overhaul on the population issue with leniency. According to John Walke and the air pollution websites, capitalism will be good as, capitalism has saved more lives threatened by environmental pollution than all the environmental organizations combined. So according to me the stance of capitalism is better than the low regulations. There are several pollution factors, which can be counted under the pollution factor. We have imminent examples of environmental pollution like the proper and sophisticated drainage system. From the strict government regulations such as problems can be overcome easily, which resultantly make the environment pure and good for the health of people.

The institutions which we have chosen on which this entire study has based on has provided enough information to overcome on the environmental problems and each institution’s website address, a specific problem and their step towards removing it completely. The most prominent example is of NRDC, environmental action group who is taking effective measures to overcome on the global earth warming issue. Every institution has made specific strategies to overcome on the problem of but all are with the same perception that the government should intervene in such things comprehensively to completely overwhelm on it. The two main problems which have been defined by the institutions are global earth warming and green house gases and the strategies which they intend to take are indeed effective. The sources are totally reliable as all the institutions are famous and government backed, so there will be no bias in it. In order to explore further resources the government institutions will be a great choice to overcome on the problem of air pollution.

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