Custom «America» Essay Paper

Custom «America» Essay Paper

An ideology is set of ideas that define a person’s ideas, thoughts, and explains actions. Ideologies constitute a vision a person or a group of people has for the society. Ideologies offer a society change or adhere to certain ideals that already exist. Ideology is the body constituting of myths, beliefs , doctrines, that guides individuals, institutions, or even large groups of people together with the  complete plan of how to implement a particular vision. Ideology defines how people ought to live. Ideologies define politics and guide every political idea that politicians put forward for their people. In the U.S today different politicians are using different ideologies to convince the voters to elect them into the presidential position. The ideologies are the ideas that the various hopefuls have to steer the country to both economic stability and to ensure the quality private lives of its citizen (Willard 30).    

The ideologies the citizens of the U.S are witnessing from each of the presidential candidates are different. Barack Obama, for example, populist ideology describes him, both in the economic and private area. The ideology urges the change that favors the public people contrary to a few private elites. Obama’s ideology suggests that consideration of the common people is more important than that of the few wealthy ones. In the policies Obama suggest, for example the health care policy, the favor tends to side with the common people over the elite group. The ideology affects both the economic area and the private life of all the citizens (Willard 30).

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Conservative ideology best describes Ron Paul’s ideas. Ron describes himself as the voice for the limited. Ron advocates for a constitutional government and for low taxes, free markets. Ron’s emphasis on the constitutional government is in itself a conservative idea. The ideology on a constitutional government is conservative on the private area while others like the low taxes and the free markets affect the economic area (Willard 30).

Mitt Romney says that he is not concerned with the very poor or the very rich, but his concern is on the middle class. The middle class constitutes the majority of the Americans and therefore his concern is on the majority. Romney’s idea is to elevate the middle class which then elevates the country. This ideology is liberal in both the economic area and the private area. Romney says that the country is on a safety net with the poor and that the rich is doing fine. The ideas affect both the economic and the private areas (Huff post 1).

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