Custom «Chemical Weapons» Essay Paper

Custom «Chemical Weapons» Essay Paper

Chemical weapons can as well be termed as weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). These weapons have the ability of killing masses and causing large-scale harm to the human race, man-made structures, and even mountains. The only country to have used such weapons of mass destruction was the United States against Japan during the World War II. The results were catastrophic with over 120,000 people perishing and a further 200 000 people dying due to cancer and other forms of infection due to exposure of the radiations (Prasad, 2009). In general, chemical weapons use the noxious properties of chemical substances relatively to their explosive properties in order to produce physiological effects on the enemy. Chemical weapons fall under three categories: Nerve agents, blister, and choking agents.

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Types of chemical material weapons:

Sarin: This type of chemical mateials were once used by arum terrorists in 1995 to attack the Tokyo subway lines and left twelve people dead plus other 5000 wounded.

Cyanides: cyanide is used in many plastic as well as chemical products. It is very toxic and has very high concentration which can lead to rapid death.

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The US vulnerabilities to chemical weapons

Like any other first world country, the US has its own of enemies, and especially most of the terrorist groups. The director of central intelligence in the country once testified that United States was poorly equipped to defend itself against any form of terrorist armed with such chemicals or biological weapons (Prasad, 2009). Nuclear materials have found way into the black markets and that poses great danger to the nation’s homeland and national security. Terrorist attacks like the September 11th have prroven that the country is vulnerable from attacks either from sea or air.

Terrorist developing chemical weapons

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Its believed some terrorist groups like the al-Qaeda may poses some chemical weapons. This is a great dander to many nations who are in fight against terrorism and a danger to countries who are allies to the US to. During the Iran-Iraq war in 1991 it’s believed that Iran used some chemical nerve agents against Iraq. With attacks in Tokyo subways by the Arum terrorist group, whereby chemical materials were used it shows the great length these people can god to distort a nations security and harm people (Prasad, 2009). Chemical weapons are therefore very dangerous and should not be used in any situation. Any form of warfare involving the use of such weapon can result in catastrophic effects, deaths, destruction of nature and even man-made features.

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