Custom «The Work of an Information Technology» Essay Paper

Custom «The Work of an Information Technology» Essay Paper

The work of an Information Technology professional focuses on the use of technology in developing an organization with information services. The work entails networking, installation of backup or recovery systems, domain setup, and hardware installation. Work in the context of an It professional in a university entails providing infrastructure services for the institution. Some of these services include project management, linking users to IT services and process improvement, for instance, an Information Technology Infrastructure Library. The main aim of an IT professional in such an institution is to ensure that sound infrastructure links the organization’s technical and service structure thus; provide a conducive environment for learning. The impact of IT work can be seen in the improvement of effectiveness of service delivery to students and staff, a very important facet in organizational development (Marilu, Kathleen & Keith 2006).

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The outcome of the work conducted by IT professionals entails putting efforts on all members of the organization to work towards improving organizational operations. This will enable the organization to serve its students and staff while fulfilling its mission and vision. These operations can only be achieved if the information technology systems are well installed and operated.

Information security is the one of the key challenges facing IT professionals. Every person is using the web to exploit opportunities and rsources that come with it. However, there are also people and organizations who have already spelt doom for the IT profession. Hackers use the same web to attack and bring down information systems belonging to various organizations. In the past, companies relied on IT professional in managing computer, information, and network security. The increasing threat to the systems has forced companies to hire information security personnel to help in managing all security issues.

The other challenge is that IT experts need to undergo further training than in the past. They have to be trained in engineering security and operations management among other complex issues that surround information sensitive organizations. IT experts have to be knowledgeable in the novel technologies used in e-commerce. Most organizations embrace these new technologies without knowing that even the hackers are developing novel ways of hacking. New systems are of key interest to hackers since most organizations are not conversant with their operations. It is vital to note that, an IT professional has to think ahead, brainstorm any imaginable threat like fraud, and mitigate it.

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E-commerce sector comprises of Business-to-Business enterprises and Business-to-Customer. The problem of network security is a very big issue to the IT professionals. Trojans, worms and viruses can be sent through constant e-mails, spam, and messages that may appear to be of no harm to many people and organizations.

IT professionals have many opportunities in the Information Technology sector. One can train as an IT information expert and his work will be to detect any threat to the information systems of an organization. IT professionals can also use their skills to build systems that are hacker-proof and sell to several organizations. On the same line, they can take advantage of the knowledge in their field and use it to establish e-commerce activities that will earn them income.

In the real world development, for instance, in Kansas University, IT professionals have set up an information systems that enables the university to achieve its goals. Information services delivery has been very effective especially with the set up of an information system library that is in use by both students and staff. The structure of information services at the university enables students to access services, thus the creation of an organizational learning infrastructure. The challenges at the University involve safeguarding the information systems from hackers (Sambamurthy,& Brown, 1999). The networks have also to be protected since hacking may damage the whole network. The opportunities involve working as an information security expert to mitigate the threats posed by hackers.

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In my opinion, the IT field is full of  many opportunities for students who intend to study this field. One can work as an information security expert, design systems that are hacker-proof or start an e-commerce enterprise.

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