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Business Communication Issue

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In business, communication is the most essential part of any successful business. It plays an important role in managing one business; it is an art of conveying meaningful information between the interaction of the sender and the receiver. In communication we have to learn the basic 5 stages set by the interaction of two people (the sender, the receiver), a) sender is a person who addresses the message to another person, b) message is an information transmitted between two people having a conversion, c) encoding is a process where the message is put into symbols, d) channel is the medium the message pass through, e) receiver is a person who receives a message, f) decoding is the process where the message is translated and the meaning is generated, g) feedback is the message the receiver is ready to reply with for the initial message of the sender, h) barriers or interferences are things that affect normal communication between two people, example of barriers are the language, the surroundings and the emotions.

Communication has three purposes in the life of people who communicate to each other, especially when using the communication as a tool in business, one of this is to make the communication effective. This first purpose of communication deals with the effectiveness of the message to be sent to the receiver, so that the delivery of message is well understood. The second purpose is the promotion of the meaningful exchange of information, this purpose deals with the topics to be used while having interaction with the other people, this will build a strong source of making the communication flow smoothly while having a conversation. The third purpose of the communication is building relationship with the partner or the stake holder, this simply means that while having communication one is building a relationship; it evolves the trust and respect of the people you are communicating with. In the business world, today managers spend most of their time in communicating with other people, like having a meeting or formal conversation, talking to the investors, in order to get their trust, or to become a part of the business, the upward and downward of communication (a manager passes down the message to the hierarchy of his employees). The 90% of their whole day of the managers is spent for this, they widely use much of their time in communicating with people.

In making conversation with someone, one should consider the interpersonal communication and the intrapersonal communication. The difference of these two is that the intrapersonal communication correlates with the mind of a person, something occurring within the individual thoughts while talking to another person. The intrapersonal communication is the communication occurring between the two persons talking to each other.

In order to distinguish a type of the communication we should always consider the formal and informal flow. The formal flow of communication is merely used in business relationship, organizational situations, like official meetings, memoranda, policies; and the informal communication is used outside the business world, like building a social relationship with colleagues and co-workers.

Therefore I conclude that we need to learn the basic features of the business communication so we can identify what are the differences in communicating with the people outside a formal gathering, and how to make the communication more effective to attract the attention of the listener.

Buy custom Business Communication Issue essay

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