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       Symbolism essay is a routine feature of assignments given to students in high school and college studying literature courses. Such essay requires analysis of symbolism at several levels in a provided text. A symbol is a person, an object or an event that represents something else than that which is written or shown in a visual. Cross is a symbol of Christianity. National flag is a symbol of a nation. In literature, symbolism has a wide spectrum ranging from a simple to a very complex representation. For instance,” The King is dead. Long live the King.” stands for a throne that is always engaged with a person in power to run a country. Sometimes the complexity rise to such a level that a symbolism essaycan only do a justice with its explanation.  Most often, a literary symbol can have several meanings. The interpretation may require evidences to convince readers of the soundness of a particular meaning. A thorough discussion may be necessary to validate the meaning of a symbol both in the context and outside the context of a given story.

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       Symbolism essay begins by identifying symbol or symbols present in an article. Thereafter, the view point of author in placing such symbols in the story is discussed. This should further be strengthened with reasons that the author might have for inclusion of such symbols. Each symbol is then taken up separately and its meaning with the context of the story is elaborated. A correct diagnosis shall elevate the status of a writer of symbolism essayas well as it shall elate the readers to a great extent. Everybody loves to be called an intelligent person.

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      Epic tales, fairy tales and classic fables are great examples of symbolism. We may take up the story of “Parable of a good Samaritan”. A man dropped four seed at four places. The first fell on a rock; the second dropped over a desert land; the third landed in a flowing water stream; and the fourth on a fertile land. The first seed dried down; the second withered from heat; the third drowned and got rotten in the water; and the fourth shaped out into a fruit laden tree. These are all symbols representing lives of person facing different environment. You shall see that within the context of the story the symbolism was straight forward related with the science of agriculture but outside the context of the story it carried a great meaning for the people ordained with inclement or friendly environment.

       The famous French revolution started when a piece of bread got trampled by horses drawing the princess’s wagon. When the princess found a small girl crying for that lost piece of bread, she asked her bodyguard about it. After knowing the details, she peeped out of window, threw a coin toward the crying girl and told the people standing by, to buy a cake for the girl. Can you infer the symbolism behind this episode?

       There are several other more complex symbols which are quite difficult to crack unless or otherwise taken up as a challenge by experts in literature and history. The online custom essay writing service of has just the right mix of talented professionals who will do justice with symbolism essay on any topic with little or great complexity. You may buy pre-written symbolism essay from us or simply name the topic to be custom written. We shall be glad to write the same for you at a very cheap and competitive rate.

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