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       The aim of an evaluation essay is just as the name suggests – to evaluate. This could be anything from the evaluation of a book to the work and achievements of an employee. There are many different answers that can be raised in an evaluation essay, and exploring as many as possible will get you the best marks. Look at the different ideas and arguments as to why your subject is successful or not from different scholars and critics. What makes a good book for example is a matter of opinion and different people will have contrasting views. You must use others opinions as well as your own to make a well rounded essay. You can find all of the information that you need either online or at your local library.

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       You must first introduce the subject of your evaluation essay. Provide the reader with the background history of your topic such as who made it and what critics have written or said about it through interviews or debates. Include any facts that are of interest and that will help you to evaluate the subject. You can bring up and expand on these facts throughout the paper. Bare in mind that although an evaluation must be based on your opinions, you must give objective principles to support your points of view. Simply saying that you like or dislike a subject will not produce a successful evaluation essay. Show the other points of view clearly and explain why others may feel differently to you.

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       The last part of your evaluation essay should discuss whether or not your subject of choice supports or contradicts the usual means of evaluating that type of subject. Repeat the main points that you have included in the essay in a condensed form and add a conclusion as to why you decided to evaluate the topic from this angle. By the time that the reader has finished reading your evaluation essay, they should fully understand your views on the subject as well as other opinions surrounding it. They should also be able to come to some kind of a conclusion as to what their view may be on the subject and whether they agree with you or the other opinions that you have discussed.

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