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      Companies insist on applicants for a job to write an interview essay.This is one of the best ways to collect desired information about the applicant and his background. This procedure is also adopted in colleges and universities to learn about an applicant, his interests, qualification, experience, skill index and his individual opinion about certain matters, more or less consequential to the interest of the company, college or university.

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       The interview questionnaire itself becomes a full outline of an interview essay. The essay is then used to facilitate the main interview effectively. The interview essay becomes a road map to gauge the aptitude and skill of the candidate concerned. The interviewer knows most of the things to be known about the applicant in a very short time.


      Different types of questions are set to arrive at a systematic conclusion about the writer. Some of such questions may be as under:

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  • The questions may be hypothetical that is open-ended. These “what if” like questions may not have entirely correct answers but these provide an insight into the way the writers assess situations and matter.
  • The questions may be closed one having limited number of possible answers. The answers reflect the knowledge and understanding of the writer on a certain matter.
  • The question may be specific and direct which has to be answered with “Yes” or “No”.
  • Question may be of loaded type which is provocative. This reveals the way an interviewee reacts to a particular situation. These questions are based on guesses and pre-suppositions. It induces writer to answer honestly. The questions may be something like these: “Does your wife still beat you?”, “Did you most often play Volleyball during class hours?”, “Do you feel that people around hate you?” These non-standard questions are intentionally made confusing so that the interviewee is taken aback.
  • There may be non-verbal probes like questions, auxiliary statements and phrases. This provides effortless interviewing. This guarantees productive interaction.  The probe would be as under: “Now, we shall discuss more about your family and environment”, “Let us now talk something more about your education particularly professional qualification”. These probes allow the interviewee to speak as much as is desired by the interviewer.

       Interview paper served upon the interviewee comprises of

  1. Information about interviewee,
  2. topic for interview and
  3. certain explanations

       The interview essay contains sample statements and questions helpful for the interview. It is in indirect speech. Only significant expressions are quoted. A good interview essay carries almost all the information about the interviewee. This gives an advantage to the interviewee as very less is to be orally exchanged during physical interview.

       It is easy to structure interview essay on the basis of detail outline provided by the interviewer. It is also true that your aspirations would be completely dependent upon the quality of the interview essay. You shall be adjudged for final interaction on its basis.

       If you do not wish to take chances or you want that your interview essay is the best among all the applicants then you should visit our online custom essay service at You shall be able to buy cheap interview essay custom written on the basis of your answers to the given outline.

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