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      There are many kinds of essays that are to be written by students but the music essays are perhaps the most interesting essays of them all. There are various kinds of essays in music like the rap music essay, adorno essay, classical music essay, and hip-hop music essay. Essays have to be written by the students who are pursuing music as a subject. The music essay also comprises of the basic three parts namely the introduction, body, and the conclusion. The conclusion should be comprehensive and should give a clear picture about what is going to be discussed in the body of the music essay. The reader should get a definite idea about what the writer is going to write.

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       The music essay should be specific in nature. All the vital points should be included in it. The essay should not look vague to the reader so it has to be written in a planned way. You will have to do some research and collect relevant material on the topic of the essay. You can also make use of quotations, proverbs, lyrics, or a small interesting story to arouse the interest of the reader to read your essay. The introduction has to be very creative and yet not deviate from the real topic. The body will deal with the technicalities of the topic. The conclusion should provide a logical deduction of what has been discussed above in the body. This requires that the students should be well-versed in writing music essays. The students who are attempting it for the first time may find it impossible to write even a decent essay.

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