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Custom Personal Essay

Personal Statement essay

I am applying for an opportunity to enrol in the PhD. in Management program at the University of Florida because I wish to progress my career in the research of management. I have an interest in understanding the different aspects of businesses and the factors influencing their performance. In ...

Self-Assessment Portfolio essay

      Self-assessment helps an individual to evaluate his/her achievements in a given period. To write this portfolio, I did five tests: personality, motivation, team player, communication and leadership ones. Particular attributes of people define what they can do best and how they ...

The Good Life essay

All people want to have a good life. However, different people perceive good life differently. For some, good life means having material wealth, while for others it is related to virtue and morality. Achieving the state of good life is based on actions, which people take in order to improve the way ...

The Leader & Followers essay

I always thought that being a leader is both enjoyable and simple. I dreamt of being a leader so that I could attain fame and secure recognition. My case happened in the university during the just completed summer semester. One of the classes that I attended last semester required us to participate ...

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