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Arlington Urgent Care

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Let us map out the standard process of patients’ reception in the new Arlington Urgent Care clinic which is opening on January 1, 2012. Patients are accepted without appointments, on first come first served basis, the priority is given to emergency cases. When a patient visits the clinic, he is handed a single form at the registration desk which includes all necessary information such as demographics form, fee ticket and clinical documentation - all on the same form for the patient’s convenience so there is no need to issue any charts. According to the anamnesis gathered by the nurse at the reception, the patient is guided to the necessary specialist. The specified doctor accepts the patient, performs all necessary procedures, takes all analyzes and makes all prescriptions – all the information is noted down to the single form so the patient can see how much he has to pay and what exactly he is paying for. After the appointment with the doctor is finished the patient is guided back to the reception desk where he makes all necessary payments. Arlington Urgent Care clinic does not accept or file any insurance during payment process that is why even if the patient is insured he has to pay for the services with cash or credit card anyway. Patient is also instructed to file copy the form with specified insurance company. According to the form copied the payment may be transferred by the insurance company directly to the patient. If the patient has a primary care physician the form can be faxed to him. If the patient does not have a PC physician and one is needed based on the diagnosis, the patient is given a list of PC physicians accepting patients from the urgent care center. The patient can choose a physician from the list, the form will be faxed to the chosen doctor, and the patient will be able to address the physician basing on the diagnosis made in Arlington Urgent Care. At the end of the visit the patient can fill the feedback form, where he can point out his impressions of the clinic services to help make the work of Arlington Urgent Care clinic more efficient.

Buy custom Arlington Urgent Care essay

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