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The Emergence of Modernism

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Emergence is the beginning of something new, while modernism is a periodical change in time; in this case, writers and artists broke tradition and found new ways of experiencing and displaying art and literature. This paper discusses at least three motivating factors that led Latin American artists and writers in the emergence of new literary and artistic styles. Literature is a form of art in whereby the artists express themselves using form and color purely to communicate with the audience. Art is a form of self-expression of writers and artists.

European Romanticism was one of the motivating and influential factors that steered the writers into the emergence of new literary and artistic styles at the end of the twentieth century. This referred to various artistic, intellectual and social trends of that era. This artistic, literary and intellectual movement strengthened during the industrial revolution at the end of the century, because it opposed aristocratic norms of age and stirred positive reaction to the scientific realization of the nature. Therefore, Romanticism strongly embodied in arts and literature, makes a significant and new impact on the literary and artistic styles used by the writers. The Romanticism era influences a new literary genre that Latin American writers still mimic presently, short stories, novels and poems replaced sermons and manifestos. The New Romantic literature personified and showed intense emotion that never before existed in neoclassical literature (North 63).

The emergence of a genre of art, known as Magical Realism, motivated writers more; hence, they formed and expressed their ideas in the new literary and artistic styles, creating something different. Writers got inspired to use this genre because it does not depend on nature or physical laws, but instead uses the same to disrupt reality in creating disproportionate views. This realism genre influenced the writers in that, after the war, America was in need of literature that would explain what had happened to the society. Therefore, "American writers used this to turn to modernism" (Kidwell and Alan 29). This new literary style was unbiasedly and accurately applied in bringing out the events after the war and getting solutions to the suffering of people exposed to war. This realistic movement saw authors depicting what life is and its problems accurately (Kidwell and Alan 29).

Marxist criticisms, especially those derived from his theories, not only affected the writers, but also motivated them into coming up with new literary and artistic styles that emphasized the cultural and political context of text production (Tenenbaum 52). His theories had a strong effect on both political and economic thought in the world, hence, writers sought new literary and artistic styles to in need to emphasize how vital it was to struggle for a change and class through conflict.

In conclusion, Modernism has its roots in the twentieth century, but still flourishes with time, as writers and artists seek a break in tradition and a new form of representation of experience, hence, the emergence of new literary and artistic styles in their work.

Buy custom The Emergence of Modernism essay

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