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Securing the Crime Scene

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Cross-contamination of forensic science evidence refers to the presence of trace evidence on a significant item (Brown & Davenport, 2011). Trace evidence, such as hair, blood, paint, and fibers, is readily transferable from one item to another. This fact raises the issue of the forensic science evidence cross-contamination (Brown & Davenport, 2011). A significant evidence can mix with a trace evidence during the investigation process.. Many forensic investigators have arrived at wrongful conclusions because of the cross-contamination of significant evidence. It is possible to avoid cross-contamination by following well-controlled forensic procedures during the investigation. Forensic investigators perform strictly controlled procedures in order to make it certain that cross-contamination has happened during the crime and not during the investigation (Brown & Davenport, 2011). This discussion will consider the effectiveness of the procedures that help protect forensic science evidence from the cross-contamination.  

Securing the crime scene, proper packaging during collection, and secure transportation of the significant evidence, are the crucial steps that forensic officers should observe (Brown & Davenport, 2011). Forensic officers should observe maximum care during each step in order to avoid the possibility of the cross-contamination after the discovery of the crime. Securing the crime scene avoids the cross-contamination effectively because the sources of trace evidence do not cross to the significant evidence. While securing the crime scene, the forensic officers should then collect, handle, and pack with care the significant evidence. They should pack each piece of evidence separately in the clean containers and label them correctly. Secure transportation ensures that the packages of significant evidence arrive to the forensic laboratories for the examination (Brown & Davenport, 2011).  

Therefore, because of the possibility of the cross-contamination, forensic officers should be extremely careful while handling the forensic science evidence. Securing the crime scene, proper packages, and secure transportation of the significant evidence, effectively avoid the cross-contamination. The presence of trace evidence may lead to the wrongful conclusion after the analysis.       

Buy custom Securing the Crime Scene essay

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