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Business Cultural Patterns

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The term Culture has different meaning, but it is commonly defined as a set of shared beliefs, values, goals, practices and attitudes amongst other common practices that are commonly practiced by a given group of people that share the same practices. Cross -culture is defined as the mix of the diverse cultural practices that are set in order to ensure that all the diverse cultural practices of individuals are merged and modified. This is in order to fit and respect the wishes and interests of the other individuals from the different cultural practices (De Aguilera, 2011).

The world today has become as small region; this is because of the improvement in the communication, technology, internet, international trade, entertainment amongst other factors. These have contributed to the globalization of the world making it easy for interaction between the people from the different cultural backgrounds and this will be as a result of the interaction that is currently increasing between these individuals in the different world locations (Merkin, 2009).

The world is diverse and it has individuals with distinct cultural practices and with the introduction of new technology and communication advances, it has become easy for the different cultural practices to interact freely without either of the parties infringing into the other individuals cultural practices thus ensuring that there is reduced conflict amongst the individuals from the different cultural backgrounds (Walker, 2003).

Cultural differences amongst these different people in the world have resulted to the merging of the cultural practices; in order to facilitate the understanding of these different people with different cultural practices from the people from the different cultural practices. A comparison of these cross cultural practices is now experienced between the trade levels that are being conducted in the world today (De Aguilera, 2011). This is because the international trade has provided the individuals that are involved in the trade this will definitely provide the traders with the opportunity of exhibiting there products in the entire market. From that they will be in a position of exclusively exchanging their products in international market. At the same time ensuring that the individuals compare and share their cultural beliefs making it easy for the individuals to understand each others cultural practices. This will also help them appreciate the others cultural practices thus making easy for them to understand and appreciate each others practices (Walker, 2003).

In other case of the comparison of the cross cultural comparison is in the case of civilization, this is well experienced and expressed in the world over; this is as a result of the use of the improved modern setting of the different places in the world over (Walker, 2003). This is as a result of the majority of the individuals from diverse cultures aim at modernizing their ways of living. Thus resulting to a situation where all these cultural diverse cultures trying to immerge in the world. At the same time trying to keep at per with the other countries of deferent cultural beliefs and practices; thus resulting to cross culture interactions amongst the people from the different (Merkin, 2009).

Education has eventually resulted to the cross cultural influences; this is because all the basic requirements in the world are valued and narrowed towards the importance of educations and thus ensuring that all the important things in life evolve around education. This is a clear indication that indicates that an individual will be in a position of comparing with the other people cultures.

The Political changes has also influenced of the cultural practices of the individuals, this is because it has resulted to the cross cultural comparisons. An example is the spread of the democratic movements and forms of governments that were being practiced by the individuals in the regions (De Aguilera, 2011). As it is seen today most of the countries in the world are involved in the transforming and amendments of their constitutions as measures aimed at ensuring that the publics and the country are able to relate with each other more freely. In addition, they ensure that they are in the position of indulging with the others freely; this is because this new constitution will ensure that all the rights of the individuals are well taken care off and this will promote cross cultural practices (Merkin, 2009).

The introduction of the common products has resulted to the cross cultural understanding of the individuals in the regions (Walker, 2003). The real case is that the individuals will be in a position that will be used in the realization of these products such as crude oil will ensure that the individuals will be in a position of sharing these commodities. This in order to facilitate the different organizations will want to be free with the others in the society; in order to be in a clear state that will facilitate the cultural integration between these different people in the world and it is a thing that has ensured that there is a great interest and correlation between the people that come from different cultural background.

Buy custom Business Cultural Patterns essay

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