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       A research proposal is needed to be written in order to acquaint the professor of the details outline of a research paper. At the outset, by asking to write a research paper proposal, the professor wants to know if you are able to prepare your research paper covering all aspecst of the topic. Writing such a proposal is not a prelude for writing research paper for all students studying at different levels. Such research paper proposals are connected with some specific program or stream of education.

       Sometimes a research paper proposal is required to request for funding the actual research. In such a case, the writer has to give reasons as to why he is a good candidate for getting grant for writing a particular research paper. The research paper proposalis submitted to the university or sponsor where it has to qualify among similar other submissions.

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       Many times a research paper proposal is required when the research to be undertaken is extra ordinary. This means that the research might lead to some unsafe ground or the professor wishes to convince him that the aspirant has the desired capability. There are instances when the professor gives a guideline to expand it into a research paper proposal.

       Every research paper proposalhas some common distinctive features. It should include brief background information of the aspirant researcher. It should specifically indicate reasons as to why the student wishes to write a particular research paper. Thereafter a brief synopsis of the subject for research is to be put forward. Finally he should draw an outline of his methodology in writing the research paper. For instance, if the student is envisaging carrying out certain experiments, he has to briefly explain the type of experiments, the results that he would be expecting out of it and how this result is going to help his project. If the researcher wishes to interview industrialist or entrepreneurs, he shall give a short profile of such persons.

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       Research paper proposal has an eye on the funding but it is different from grant proposals. In case of grant proposal, the objective is to show a road map for gainfully using the research outcome and to show its importance. The research paper proposal does not require such elaborate formalities as is required for a grant proposal.

       If you are able to lay down all such information in a well structured manner, there is no reason why you should not win the candidature for carrying out the research. Your presentation of research paper proposal must be precise but putting all salient points in a simple way. This shall reflect that you know the milestones quite vividly for writing research paper on the specified topic.

       A student must be very inquisitive. Research should be the theme of his life. He should always keep on researching on any idea or topic irrespective of writing it for a research paper proposal. Some day theses ideas shall transform into points to ponder more systematically under guidance of some learned professor.

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