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       Term paper research is the process through which an individuals investigates a given topic either of his own choosing or one that has been assigned to him. After the initial research, the student will write down what he has learned and will do this in a way that is well-structured and properly formulated. Students typically spend a very long time on term paper researchin order to arrive at greater understanding of the topic. Many high school and college students must write reports, and term papers tend count for a major portion of grades. As it counts for so much, it needs to be well-written and clearly formulated.

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       There are multiple ways to begin research for your term paper, and it is best to have a basic understanding of the topic you have chosen. Most topics will include sub-topics as well and, sometimes, students know ahead of time the sub-topics that they will have to work with. In some cases, students must find out for themselves what the subtopics will be.


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       While researching, it is typically useful to keep detailed notes of what you find, so that you can later remember everything and make links between information. Your notes will probably fall into various categories. Accurately categorising information in the beginning stages will be invaluable to the next steps needed for your completed paper.

       Term paper research is very different from a scientific experiment. Some people mistakenly believe that they are very similar, but in fact researching is gathering information rather than manipulating variables. For term paper research, the individuals gathers a lot of information and then decides what to include in the assignment; the information gathered will of course depend on the topic of study one chooses to undertake. Scientific experiments, on the contrary, are situations whereby an individual will manipulate variables in order to see what happens to each, sometimes as a consequent of what happens to the other.

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