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Students often ask us why we claim that our essays are better than those of other writing services.  A lot of different writing services sell essay online.  Each essay that is written by writers, however, is custom written and is sold for a low price. What makes custom essays superior to cheap pre written essays?

The essay help that customers buy from at a low price is not cheap in terms of quality. Every our paper is custom written to reflect all of the details that a particular professor requires. For example, if he or she requires a paper that is 13 pages long, the custom essay purchased online from will be 13 pages long.  When a student turns to for online essay help and wants to buy a paper that has been written in APA style, the paper will be formatted accordingly.  All custom written essays that are composed by writers contain the details that pre written essaysdo not have. 

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Often, when students buy pre written essays from writing services online, they are purchasing essays that are sold over and over to different students.  The custom written essay papers sold by, however, are original.  Our custom written essays belong exclusively to the customers who buy them. Pre written essays are usually of much lower quality that the custom written essayssold by 

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When we offer an essay online, the writing team asks for many details from the customer.  This helps them to craft what would normally be a generic essay into a high quality custom essay.  The essay help that our writers offer is truly extraordinary.  Our custom written essay papers are worthy of high grades.  In fact, many students ask us to write their essay papers when they need to raise their grade point averages.  Hiring our writers is a wise move under these circumstances.  We do not sell generic pre written essays.  We feel that our customers deserve much better, and that is what we deliver.

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The answer is simple.  We are a truly professional online writing service.  We are not newcomers in the writing industry. has been in business for more than 15 years.  Through the years, we have received a lot of feedback from our customers, and we have listened to every word.  Each time we write a custom essay, book report, dissertation, theme, film review, or any other kind of academic paper, we take our customer’s suggestions into consideration.  By doing this, we have developed a fail proof method of writing that meets the expectations of even the most discerning college professors.  What is more, we continue to improve our services all the time.  We feel our customers deserve the very best.

College professors love our work so much that they almost always award the students who hand in our essays with A+ grade.  Moreover, the professors themselves are customers.  It is not, at all, unusual for a college professor to request one of our custom written essays so that he or she can make copies of it for the class to serve as an example of a well-written custom essay.  If college professors buy our work, you know it has to be excellent!

Visit our easy-to-navigate website at today.  We want you to experience the high standards of excellence that we are known for.  Using for custom essays or any other kind of academic writing assignments is always a great idea for a student who wants to get ahead in the academic writing. 

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