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      Writing an essay is about answering a specific essay question. Answering the essay question is the primary goal no matter what kind of essay you are tasked with writing. To create a good, solid answer to the proposed essay question, you have to present sufficient, reasonable facts and evidence. All the information that is presented in the assigned essay needs to be built up to support the thesis statement, which is the answer to the essay question. The thesis statement is the compass which directs the entire path of the essay.

       Step One – Understand the essay question.

       When writing the essay, spend a little bit of time going over the essay question and analyzing it from a variety of angles. Identify what the essay question is asking you to do. Underline any key words in the essay question that can assist the process of answering the essay question. Always refer to the essay questionwhile writing the essay to make certain it is being answered.

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       Step Two – Revisit all the research used to answer the essay question constructively

       Always reread over all texts you are intending to utilize throughout the essay and make any necessary notes, including the main idea of what the text is saying. This will allow you to revisit the text if you need to quickly. As well, color code all the texts with different color highlighters to organize notes to answer the essay question efficiently.

       Step Three – Effectively organize all the research

       All the readings used for the essay should be organized in the best way that suits your individual needs when it comes to writing the essay and effectively answering the essay question. Make sure you know where all the information is and what pile it is in so it can be easily accessed when need be.

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       Step Four – Guide yourself through the essay with an effective essay plan

       Take a minute to plan out how you are going to write your essay. You can use a simple outline, flowchart, spider-gram, or anything else that will assist in organizing thoughts. Figure out what is going to be written in the essay and the order in which it will be written in.

       Step Five – Introduce the essay to the person reading it

       Write the introduction of the essay. This is where you inform the reader of the purpose of the essay and all the main points that will be discussed.

       Step Six – Write the main body paragraphs of the essay

       When you make it to this part of the essay process, you need to start piecing together the bulk of the essay. It is where you deal with answering the essay question. The content throughout this part of the essay paper needs to be in a logical order, properly references, analytical, and relevant to the topic at hand. This part of the essay also must include persuasive, explanatory, and descriptive writing styles. What has been said by other writers and what your personal opinion is should also be included.

       Step Seven – Write the conclusion of the essay

       The conclusion of the essay allows you to fully summarize everything that has been said throughout the paragraphs of the essay. It needs to include relevant opinions and justification for all the content. Also, it is the last time to answer the essay question effectively and in a way that would convince the reader.

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