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       Whenever students are given the task to write an essay on a specific topic, essay prompts become the best tool available that can assist in linking to their original ideas. However, students can produce essay prompts on their own to the same are placed into the entire writing threshold, used for expressing a certain viewpoint associated with a relevant topic.

       Provided in this article are a few of the guidelines required to create beneficial essay prompts. As well, students writing essays are advised to review other essay papers to gain a better comprehensive understanding of all the skills associated with essay writing.


       Write essay prompts that are easy to understand. When students require creating the topic of their essay from their own personal experiences for a personal essay, for example, the description and narration of essay prompts need to be created in such a manner that can be easily understood by the reader. Students should make the effort to avoid certain topics that will require them to have a specialized understanding of the subject as it will often result in shortening the list of readers who will understand the essay.

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       Utilize essay prompts that can be opened for suggestions. This means that students should select a topic that will elicit a large response as well as critical feedback from readers. Open ended essay prompts tend to be the most popular. When writing a topic for an essay, it is always best to provide readers with a number of choices within the essay prompts, which may involve a number of topics and not just one.

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       Students should always analyze the essay prompts. While students must do all the critical thinking and critical evaluation regarding the topic given in the essay prompt, the same needs to be easy and without indication of being over-smart or highly creative. The issues related to the topic need to be reader-friendly, easy to comprehend, and open to further exploration. It is vital that students locate their own possible directions when following a particular topic.

       Essay prompts need to remain diversified as essay prompts for a narrative essay will be different than the essay prompts used for a persuasive essay and so on. However, students are able to gather different ideas about various topics that are involved in writing a large variety of essays.

       The purpose of the essay prompts need to be well defined. Useful essay prompts provide properly written clues. With the ultimate purpose of the topics clearly mentioned, students can look for the overall relation between expectations and criteria while writing information on a certain essay prompt.  It is therefore advisable to maintain clarity and properly defined criteria associated with the specific essay prompt that will simply match the expectations the student holds. This often results in a better response in the right direction.

       Do not use intimate details in essay prompts. While the best possible topics are those ones that involve personal life experiences as they are very unique, a requirement of the essay topic is to avoid certain details that may be too intimate to write in an essay. Although topics discussing daily events are divergent, some students may not always feel very comfortable describing a certain event because they consider it private.

       Keep in mind when writing an essay, formatting and structure is very important. If you are having trouble writing your essay, buy a cheap essay online from our custom writing service at!

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